Daniele Conversi
German-Bashing and the Breakup of Yugoslavia
Seattle: University of Washington/ Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies (The Donald W. Treadgold Papers in Russian, East European and Central Asian Studies, nº 16, March 1998)
(ISSN 1078-5639, 82 pp.. price: $6.45)

"In a triumph of intricate research and reasoning Professor Conversi debunks the established nonsense of how Germany's "incautious" recognition of Slovenia and Croatia in 1991 deepened the Balkan rifts and assured the war in Bosnia. His warnings about the implications of German-bashing are quite sobering and point to the endemic problems of inter-European relations."
Ivo Banac, Yale University, author of The National Question in Yugoslavia. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1984

"This is the best analysis and explanation of why Germany's recent policies in the former Yugoslavia have been misrepresented and misunderstood (often willfully) by even some of Germany's closest allies... it raises troubling questions about how Balkan policy has been made in London, Paris, and Washington."
Norman Cigar, author of  Genocide in Bosnia: The Policy of Ethnic Cleansing. College Station: Texas A&M University Press, 1995

"Conversi's important study is an extended critical analysis of Western reactions to the first significant German foreign-policy initiative in the post-Cold-War era: recognition of Slovenian and Croatian independence.   The author carefully explores both the pressures that inspired Germany's move and the rationale that lay behind the ensuing policy of 'German-bashing', which he relates to the West's perception of Germany after unification (as manifested most notably in Britain, France and the United States).  This is surely the most comprehensive and balanced work on the topic currently available."
Branka Magas, author of The Destruction of Yugoslavia. Tracking the Break-Up 1980-92. London: Verso, 1993

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