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Of the Order of Friars Preachers, painter, c.1400 - 1455

"In Fra Angelico's convent of San Marco at Florence there are several choir books with breathtaking illuminations from his hand, like some others in San Domenico at Fiesole on which he worked with incredible diligence. (It is true that he was helped by an elder brother who was himself an illuminator and an experienced painter.)" I-199
The Triumph of St Dominic, manuscript, Museo San Marco
The Conversion of St Paul
King David playing a Psaltery (drawing)
"Over some lunettes in the first cloister [of San Marco] he painted a number of very fine figures in fresco and a crucifix with St Dominic at the foot, which is very highly regarded." I-201

Crucifixion and Saints, San Marco, Florence
Saint Dominic Adoring the Crucifixion
"and as well as many other things in the friars' cells, and on the surface of the walls in the dormitory, he painted an indescribably beautiful scene from the New Testament."

The Annunciation, corridor, San Marco
The Annunciation, friar's cell, San Marco
The Mocking of Christ
The Resurrection of Christ and the Women at the Tomb

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