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Painter of Lombardy, c. 1489 - 1534

I have tried my hardest to obtain his portrait, but without any success since he never painted it himself and, as he always lived apart, he was never portrayed by any other artist.
The Venus at the head of each page is taken from The School of Love in the National Gallery, London.

Vasari expanded on his Life of Correggio in his Life of Garofalo and Girolamo - the works there mentioned are included.

"In Parma Correggio executed two large oil paintings, one of which contained various figures including a Dead Christ.." I-279

Martyrdom of Saint Placidus and Saint Flavia
"And in San Giovanni Evangelista in the same city he painted the cupola in fresco, showing Our Lady ascending into heaven amidst a multitude of angels and saints." I-279

Vasari confuses the Duomo cupola with the one in San Giovanni Evangelista
Assumption of the Virgin, Duomo, Parma
Assumption of the Virgin (detail)
Assumption of the Virgin (detail)
Ascension of St John the Evangelist, San Giovanni Evangelista, Parma
The Apostles Peter and Paul, San Giovanni Evangelista
Lunette with St John the Evangelist, San Giovanni Evangelista
Lunette with Coronation of the Virgin, San Giovanni Evangelista

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