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Venetian painter, c.1476/8 - 1510

Vasari's knowledge of Giorgione's career and works was rudimentary; Giorgione painted largely for the Venetian aristocracy, to whose private collections the friend of Florentine and Roman nobles did not have access.
That Vasari recognised his importance as a painter is signalled by Giorgione's presence in the trio of Leonardo, Giorgione and Correggio, who introduce the third age of painting.
I shall adopt the amateur's privilege of idle speculation and include the pictures that might have caught the Tuscan eye.

"In his youth he executed in Venice many Madonnas and portraits. these were vigorous and beautiful pictures..."

Adoration of the Magi
Adoration of the Shepherds
Madonna with the Child, St Anthony of Padua and St Roch
Portrait of a young man (Antonio Broccardo)
Portrait of an old woman
"Giorgione loved to paint frescoes...[so when] the Fondaco dei Tedeschi was completely burnt, the Signoria decreed that it should be rebuilt [and that] Giorgione should colour it in fresco as he wished..." I-275
The frescoes have nearly vanished - Vasari refers to a figure like a Judith, who "might stand for Germania"
Judith (oil on panel)
"Giorgione did a picture showing Christ carrying the cross with a Jew who is tugging him, which was eventually placed in the church of San Rocco." I-275

Vasari also gives this painting to Titian
Christ carrying the cross
"Giorgione worked in various places, including Castelfranco and the territory of Treviso;" I-275

Castelfranco altarpiece
Saint in armour (based on left figure in the Castelfranco altarpiece)

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