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Florentine painter, sculptor and architect, 1266/7 - 1337

A courtier from Pope Benedict IX told Giotto that the Pope wanted to make use of his services and asked him for a drawing which he could send to his holiness.
At this Giotto took a sheet of paper and a brush dipped in red, closed his arm to his side, and with a twist of his hand drew such a perfect circle that it was a marvel to see. Then, with a smile, he said to the courtier: "There's your drawing."
As if he were being ridiculed, the courtier replied: "Is this the only drawing I'm to have?"
"It's more than enough," answered Giotto. "Send it along and you'll see whether it's understood or not."

"Giotto's first paintings were done for the chapel of the high altar of the abbey of Florence...The panel painting over the high altar is also by Giotto, but this work has been kept there more from respect for anything by so great an artist than for any other reason." I-58

Badia altarpiece, Uffizi, Florence
"Four of the chapels in Santa Croce were painted by Giotto, three of them between the sacristy and the main chapel and one on the opposite side of the church. In the first of the three, that of Ridolfo di Bardi, is the life of St Francis. " I-59

Stigmatisation of St Francis, Bardi Chapel, Santa Croce
"In this painting Giotto painted with great effect the tears of a number of friars lamenting the death of the saint." I-59

Death of St Francis
"In the second, the Peruzzi Chapel, are two scenes from the life of St John the Baptist, to whom the chapel is dedicated; in these Giotto has depicted in very lively fashion the dancing and leaping of Herodias and the prompt service given by some servants at table." I-59

Feast of Herod, Peruzzi Chapel, Santa Croce
"In the same place are two marvellous scenes from the Life of St John the Evangelist, showing him restoring Drusiana to life and then being carried up into heaven." I-59

Raising of Drusiana, Peruzzi Chapel, Santa Croce
Ascension of St John
Virgin and Child with Saints, possibly the altarpiece for the Peruzzi chapel, now in Washington
St Stephen (now in the Horne museum, Florence)
St Lawrence (now in Chaalis)
St John (now in Chaalis)
"In the Baroncelli Chapel of the same church there is a painting in tempera by Giotto, in which he has very carefully depicted the Coronation of Our Lady with a great number of small figures and a choir of angels and saints, finished with great care." I-59

Coronation of the Virgin, Baroncelli Chapel

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