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Florentine painter, c.1320 - 1391

Vasari, who thought he came from Padua, placed Giusto de' Menabuoi in his life of Carpaccio and other Lombards; the scale and magnificence of the frescoes in the Baptistery of the cathedral in Padua entitles him here to his own section.

The frescoes were executed between 1376 and 1378. They were commissioned by Fina Buzzaccarini, the wife of Francesco the Old of Carrara, who wanted to be buried near her husband.

"Giusto, a painter of Padua, painted in the Chapel of S. Giovanni Battista, not only certain scenes from the Old Testament and the New, but also the Revelations of the Apocalypse of S. John the Evangelist..." I-602

Creation of the world
"...and in the upper part he made a paradise containing many choirs of angels and other adornments, wrought with beautiful conceptions." I-602

The creation of Eve
Scenes from the Old Testament
Scenes from the Old Testament
Expulsion of Adam and Eve
The Tower of Babel
Sodom and Gomorrah
Joseph in the well
Scenes from the Old Testament
The story of Jacob

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