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Florentine painter, c.1406 - 1469

It is said that Fra Filippo was so lustful that he would give anything to enjoy a woman he wanted if he thought he could have his way; and if he couldn't buy what he wanted, then he would cool his passion by painting her portrait and reasoning with himself.
His lust was so violent that when it took hold of him he could never concentrate on his work. Because of this, when he was doing something for Cosimo de' Medici, Cosimo had him locked in so he wouldn't wander off.
After he had been confined for a few days, Fra Filippo's amorous, or rather animal, instincts drove him one night to seize a pair of scissors, make a rope from his own bedsheets, and escape through a window to pursue his own pleasures for days on end!

"[After he was released by Moors who had enslaved him] Fra Filippo determined to return to Florence, where he stayed for several months, executing a very beautiful altarpiece for the nuns of Sant'Ambrogio." I-215

Coronation of the Virgin, Uffizi
"He also did a picture for the chapter-house of Santa Croce and another, which was placed in the chapel in the house of the Medici, showing the Nativity of Christ."

Virgin and child and two angels (from Santa Croce)
Medici Nativity, now in Berlin
"For the wife of Cosimo de Medici he painted a panel picture of the Nativity of Christ with St John the Baptist, which was to be placed in the hermitage of Camaldoli in one of the hermits' cells.." I-216

Camaldolite Nativity
"For the church of Santa Maria Primerana, on the piazza at Fiesole, Fra Filippo did a panel picture of the Annunciation of Our Lady, finished with wonderful care, in which the figure of the angel is so beautiful that one can hardly doubt it has come from heaven." I-216

Annunciation, Munich
"He did two panel pictures for the Murate, the convent of the enclosed Order of nuns; one for the high altar, showing the Annunciation, and the other over another altar in the same church showing scenes from the lives of Saints Benedict and Bernard." I-216

St Benedict instructs Maurus to save Placidus
The Virgin appears to Saint Bernard
"In the palace of the Signoria he executed a panel picture of the Annunciation which is over one of the doors, and a painting of St Bernard which is over another." I-216

St Bernard's vision of the Virgin
"For the sacristy of Santo Spirito at Florence he did a panel picture showing Our Lady surrounded by angels and with saints on either side. This is an outstanding work which our leading artists have always held in reverence." I-217

Virgin and Child, Louvre

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