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Painter of Mantua, c. 1431 - 1506

Andrea discovered a vastly improved way of painting figures in perspective from below upwards, and this was a very difficult and ingenious invention.

"When Francesco Squarcione [to whom Mantegna was apprenticed] was commissioned to decorate the chapel of St Christopher, in the Eremitani Church of Sant'Agostino in Padua, he handed the work over to Niccolo Pizzolo and Andrea." I-242
Destroyed in an air raid in 1944
St James led to execution, Eremitani, Padua
The execution of St James, Eremitani, Padua
The Martyrdom of St Christopher, Eremitani, Padua
The Martyrdom of St Christopher, Eremitani, Padua
"While he was working on the chapel Mantegna also painted a panel picture, which was placed on the altar of St Luke in Santa Justina;" I-243

St Luke altarpiece
"In Verona...he did the altar piece for San Zeno." I-244

San Zeno altarpiece
San Zeno altarpiece (predella)
"Among the pictures that he did, while he was working in Verona, and sent to various places, was a painting which came into the hands of the abbot of Fiesole, his friend and relation, containing a half length Madonna and Child and the heads of some angels, who are singing. This picture, which was painted with exquisite grace, is today in the library of the monastery." I-244
Virgin and Child with cherubs
"Now when he lived in Mantua Andrea had devoted himself to the service of the Marquis Lodovico Gonzaga, and that ruler, who always valued and patronised Andrea's talents, commissioned from him a little panel for the chapel of the castle of Mantua containing some small but very beautiful scenes with figures." I-244
Triptych of the Ascension, Circumcision and Epiphany
Triptych (detail) - The Adoration of the Magi
Triptych (detail) - The Circumcision

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