"Masaccio began painting at the time when Masolino da Panicale was working in the Brancacci Chapel in the Carmelite Church at Florence...Masaccio made more use than other artists of nude and foreshortened figures, which indeed had rarely been seen before." I-126
Expulsion from the Garden of Eden, Brancacci Chapel, Florence
"On the screen of the church of San Niccolo there is [a] panel picture, in which as well as showing the Annunciation, with the Angel and Our Lady, he painted a building with many columns very finely depicted in perspective." I-126
San Niccolo Annunciation, NGA Washington. This is by Masolino.
"There is a panel picture in tempera by Masaccio showing Our Lady on the lap of St Anne with her Son in her arms; this picture is today in Sant'Ambrogio in Florence, in the chapel by the door leading to the nuns' parlour." I-126
The Virgin and Child with St Anne, Uffizi
"Below the choir in Santa Maria Novella he painted a fresco showing the Trinity, which is over the altar of St Ignatius and which has Our Lady on one side and St John the Evangelist on the other, contemplating the crucified Christ." I-126
The Trinity, Santa Maria Novella
The Virgin
St John
"But the most beautiful thing, apart from the figures, is the barrel-vaulted ceiling drawn in perspective and divided into square compartments containing rosettes foreshortened and made to recede so skilfully that the surface looks as if it is indented." I-127
Diagram of the perspective