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Painter of Borgo San Sepulcro, 1410/20 - 1492

He was regarded as a great master of the problems of regular bodies, both arithmetical and geometrical...he has justifiably acquired the reputation of being the leading geometrician of his day

"Because of his accomplishments both as a mathematician and a painter..he was employed by Guidobaldo da Montefeltro, the earlier duke of Urbino, for whom he made many very beautiful panel pictures with little figures.." I-192

An Ideal City
The penance of St Jerome
St Jerome and a donor
"In the convent of the Augustinians [in Borgo San Sepulcro], he painted a panel picture for the high altar, which was enthusiastically praised." I-193

St Augustine and St Michael
St John the Evangelist and St Nicholas of Tolentino
"And he painted a picture of Our Lady of Mercy which was commissioned by a guild, or, as they say, a confraternity." I-193

Misericordia polyptych, Sansepulcro
Misericordia polyptych (detail)
Misericordia polyptych (detail)
"In the Conservators' Palace he painted a Resurrection which is considered the best work he did either in Borgo or anywhere else" I-194

The Resurrection

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