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Painter and Architect of Urbino, 1483 - 1520

He was a very amorous man with a great fondness for women, whom he was always anxious to serve. When his close friend Agostino Chigi commissioned him to decorate the first loggia in his palace (Villa Farnesina q.v.), Raphael could not give his mind to the work because of his infatuation for his mistress. Agostino was almost in despair when with great difficulty he managed to arrange for the woman to go and live with Raphael in the part of the house where he was working; and that was how the painting was finished.

As a pupil of Perugino"he painted some figures in oils on a panel in San Francesco in Perugia for Maddalena degli Oddi; these represent the Assumption of Our Lady into heaven and her Coronation by Jesus Christ, and among them are the twelve apostles standing about the tomb of Our Lord and contemplating the celestial vision." I-286
Assumption and Coronation of the Virgin (Oddi altarpiece)
"At the foot of the panel, in a predella divided into three scenes, are some little figures enacting the Annunciation, with Our Lady and the angel, the Adoration of Christ by the Magi, and the Presentation in the Temple, when Simeon takes the Child in his arms." I-286

The Annunciation (Predella, Oddi altarpiece)
The Adoration of the Magi (Predella, Oddi altarpiece)
The Presentation in the Temple (Predella, Oddi altarpiece)
"For San Domenico [in Citta di Castello] he did a work showing the crucifixion, and if his name were not written on it, everyone would think it was by Pietro [Perugino]." I-286

Crucifixion (Citta di Castello Altarpiece)
"For the church of San Francesco in the same city he painted a small panel picture of the Marriage of Our Lady...This painting contains a temple in perspective drawn with great care and devotion and showing what amazingly difficult problems Raphael was ready to tackle." I-286

Marriage of the Virgin
"[In Florence] Raphael became a close friend of Lorenzo Nasi, and as Lorenzo had just got married he painted for him a picture which showed Our Lady and between her legs the Christ-Child to whom a laughing St John is offering a bird, to the great joy and delight of them both." I-287

Madonna of the Goldfinch (Madonna del Cardellino)
"In the church of the Servites [in Perugia], for the chapel of the Ansidei, he painted a panel picture of Our Lady, St John the Baptist, and St Nicholas.." I-288

Ansidei Madonna
Ansidei Madonna (part of the predella)
"He was commissioned by the nuns of St Anthony of Padua to paint a panel picture of Our Lady with Jesus Christ sitting on her lap and (as pleased those simple, holy women) fully clothed, and with St Peter, St Paul, St Cecilia and St Catherine on either side of the Madonna. Raphael depicted the two saintly virgins with the most wonderfully varied head-dresses anywhere to be seen." I-288
Pala Colonna (San Antonio Madonna)

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