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Painter of Cortona, c. 1450 - 1523

"In Perugia he made a panel in the Duomo for Messer Jacopo Vannucci of Cortona, Bishop of that city; in which panel are Our Lady, Saint Onofrio, Saint Ercolano, St John the Baptist, and St Stephen, with a most beautiful angel who is tuning a lute." I-610

Sant'Onofrio Altarpiece, Perugia
"At Volterra, over the altar of a Company in the church of San Francesco, he painted in fresco the Circumcision of Our Lord, which is considered beautiful to a marvel, although the Infant, having been injured by damp, was restored by Sodoma and made much less beautiful than before." I-610

The Circumcision
" Citta di Castello [he painted] a Nativity of Christ in San Francesco..."

Adoration of the Shepherds
Three shepherds and an Angel
"In Santa Margherita, a seat of the Frati del Zoccolo in his native city of Cortona, he painted a Dead Christ, one of the rarest of his works;" I-610

Lamentation over the Dead Christ
"..and for the Company of the Gesu, in the same city, he executed three panels, of which the one that is on the high-altar is marvellous, showing Christ administering the Sacrament to the Apostles, and Judas placing the Host into his wallet." I-611

The Communion of the Apostles
"At Siena, in the chapel of S. Cristofano in S. Agostino, he painted a panel with some saints, in the midst of whom is a S. Cristopher in relief."

Lamentation (from the predella of the St Christopher altarpiece)
"He painted a round picture of Our Lady, which is in the Audience Chamber of the Captains of the Guelph party - a very beautiful work." I-611

Madonna and Child with saints

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