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Jacopo Robusti, known as Tintoretto
Venetian painter, 1518 - 1594

Tintoretto was invited to enter a design for the ceiling of the Scuola di San Rocco, and decided to outwit his rivals.

Whereupon, the men of the Company having assembled one morning to see the designs and to make their award, they found that Tintoretto had completely finished the work and had placed it in position.

At which being angered against him, they said that they had called for designs and had not commissioned him to execute the work; but he answered them that this was his method of making designs, that he did not know how to proceed in any other manner, and that designs and models of work should always be after that fashion, so as to deceive no one, and that, finally, if they would not pay him for the work and for his labour, he would make them a present of it.

And after these words, although he had many contradictions, he so contrived it that the work is still in the same place.

"In the church of S. Maria dell' Orto...Tintoretto has painted the Universal Judgement of the last day, painted with an extravagant invention that truly has in it something awesome and terrible..." II-511

The Last Judgement
"The same master has painted in that church, on the doors of the organ, Our Lady ascending the steps of the Temple, which is a highly-finished work.." ii-512

Presentation of the Virgin
"In the Scuola of S. Marco, near SS. Giovanni e Paolo, are four large scenes by his hand. In one of these is S. Mark, who, appearing from the air, is delivering one who is his votary from many torments that may be seen prepared for him..." II-512
The Miracle of St Mark freeing the slave
"In the second is a tempest of the sea, and St Mark, likewise in the air, is delivering another of his votaries; but that scene is by no means executed with the same diligence as that already described." II-513

St. Mark Saving a Saracen from Shipwreck
"In the fourth, wherein an evil spirit is being exorcised, he counterfeited in perspective a great loggia, and at the end of it a fire that illumines it with many reflections." II-513

The Stealing of the Body of St Mark
"It is not long since, Tintoretto having executed the Passion of Christ in a large picture in oils and on canvas for the Scuola of San Rocco, the men of that company resolved to have some honourable and magnificent work painted on the ceiling above it.." II-513
The Crucifixion
In the work that Tintorettto prevailed on the Scuola to accept "there is painted a Heaven with God the Father descending with many angels to embrace S. Rocco, and in the lowest part are many figures that represent the other principal Scuole of Venice.." II-514
Glorification of St Roch

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