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Tiziano Vecellio

Painter of Cadore c. 1487/90 - 1576

"At the time he first began to paint like Giorgione, when he was no more than eighteen, Titian did a portrait of a friend of his, a gentleman of the Barberigo family, which was held to be extremely fine [especially] the stitches in a doublet of silvered satin.." I-444

Portrait of a member of the Barberigo family
"Titian Ecce Homo, with a number of figures, which Titian himself and many others regard as an extremely beautiful work." I-445

Ecce Homo
"In Padua, for the church of Sant'Antonio, he did some frescoes illustrating events from the life of St Anthony..." I-446

The Miracle of the Healed Foot
The Miracle of the Injured Woman
The Miracle of the Injured Woman (detail)
The Miracle of the New-born Baby
"For the church of Santo Spirito he painted a little altarpiece showing St Mark seated in the middle of various saints.." I-446

St Mark
"Duke Alfonso of Ferrara [had] decorated a small chamber for which he commissioned...a picture by Giovanni Bellini [who], being an old man, was not able to finish the work. Titian was sent for as the most capable of all other painters." I-447

Feast of the gods (Bellini)
"Titian executed the two scenes necessary to complete the room. In the first of these he depicted a river flowing with bright red wine with drunken singers and musicians, male and female, and a nude woman asleep..." I-447

The Bacchanal of the Andrians
"In the other scene, he painted a host of pretty Cupids and putti in a variety of attitudes. Among the loveliest of its details is the sight of one putti making water into a river and watching his reflection in the water.." I-448

The third scene by Titian from the same room
Bacchus and Ariadne

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