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Florentine painter and sculptor, 1452 - 1519

All the animal creation, which he treated with wonderful love and patience, gave him great pleasure. Often when he was walking past the places where birds were sold, he would pay the price asked, take them from their cages, and let them fly off into the air, giving them back their lost freedom.

"[Leonardo] did many architectural drawings both of ground plans and other elevations, and, while still young, he was the first to propose reducing the Arno to a navigable canal between Pisa and Florence." I-256

Arcades, Codex B, Paris
Windows, Codex B, Paris
"He made designs for mills, fulling machines and engines that could be driven by water power; and as he intended to be a painter by profession he carefully studied drawing from life." I-256

A machine for making sequins, Codex Atlanticus, Milan
Study of an angel
Study of an old man
"Leonardo did beautiful and detailed drawings on paper which are unrivalled for the perfection of ther finish, as one can see from the examples I have in my book of drawings." I-256

Head of a woman
"He demonstrated how to lift and draw great weights by means of levers, hoists and winches, and ways of cleansing harbours and using pumps to suck up water from great depths." I-257

Spring Device
Water Lifting Devices
"His brain was always busy on such devices, and one can find drawings of his ideas and experiments scattered among our craftsmen today, I myself have seen many of them." I-257

War Scythe

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