The Island of Jersey is a dependency of the British Crown, one of the Channel Islands, in the English Channel. The largest and southernmost in the group, Jersey is located near France and Guernsey. Generally oblong-shaped, it is about 16 km (about 10 miles) long and from 6 to 10 km (4 to 6 miles) wide. Precipitous rocky headlands, with elevations up to 152 m (500 ft), a deeply indented coast, and an interior tableland broken by numerous valleys are the outstanding physical features.

The raising of Jersey cattle, a local breed; the cultivation of potatoes, tomatoes, fruits, and flowers; fishing; and tourism are the principal occupations. Points of interest include prehistoric megalithic monuments, an 11th-century church, and the ruins of two medieval castles.

Area of island, 117 sq km (45 sq mi); population (1991 preliminary) 84,082.

Island Map


Jersey is a popular tourist venue. For details see




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