Dave (G3UEG) and I have operated the CQWW160 for some years now. Usually from my home QTH using my call (G3SVL). We have made it to top 'G' on two occasions but this year we have decided to have a bigger attempt! Steve (son of G3SVL) joined us last year and we are delighted to have Chris G3SJJ form the main team. Joe and Phil are islanders who are assisting with the local side of things and will complete the operating team.

The team will be:

Chris G3SJJ g3sjj@btinternet.com
Chris G3SVL g3svl@manyoaks.easynet.co.uk
Dave G3UEG david.gould@btinternet.com
Steve  G7TAJ taj@manyoaks.easynet.co.uk

Feel free to e-mail any of us before, after or even during the contest with comments and reports on our signals. We are hoping to gain some useful data on antenna comparisons during the contest.

Chris G3SVL

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