Schedule for GJ2D

The plan is to activate the British Channel Island of Jersey during the CQWWDX 160 contest, SSB leg. This runs from 22:00z Friday 26th February to 16:00z 28th February 1999. We will be operational for the full 42 hours in the high-power, multi-op section. There will be no operation outside of the contest other than commissioning tests.

The site is on the Jersey Racecourse which is located on the north west side of the island atop a 70m (200ft) cliff with sea path take-off for 270 degrees. We are grateful to the Jersey Racecourse committee for permission to use the site.

Equipment will be Kenwood TS850's with a Kenwood TL922 linear. Antennas will be an inverted L with approximately 22m (70ft) vertical with the far end at 18m (60ft) high, and an inverted V at 15m (50ft). We will lay down an earth mat of some one hundred radials. On receive we will have a 330m (1100ft) beverage directed at North America, and three 160m (550ft) beverages directed at South America, Africa and Asia respectively. If time permits we may extend the 550ft beverages to 1100ft. We also plan to have a mag loop and pennant for receive. We acknowledge the support of the Chiltern DX Committee (CDXC) for the loan of a substantial quantity of co-ax cable (ex-9M0C Dxpedition).

Martin Lynch & Sons ( are sponsoring QSL's and our QSL manager is G3LZQ.

Pictures and results will be loaded onto this site soon after the contest.

We hope that we can give a lot of folks a new one on topband. See you in The Contest.


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