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Mary of the artists featured below took part in ASTRA's 'Urban Spacemen' exhibition, of space art by Scots.

The Artists mentioned below are:

Ed Buckley
Tom Campbell
Sydney Jordan
Gavin Roberts
Andrew Paterson
Brian Waugh

Ed Buckley, ASTRA Past President, co-illustrator of the books "Man and the Stars", "New Worlds for Old" and "Man and the Planets", all by Duncan Lunan, and one of the artists featured in the collection "Visions of Space" by David Hardy. Two of his paintings for "New Worlds for Old" are reprinted in "The Directory of Possibilities" edited by John Grant & Colin Wilson; paintings from "Man and the Stars" and "Man and the Planets" appeared in Analog, Space World,-Space Voyager and Speculations in Science and Technology. Others have appeared in various newspapers including the Scotsman colour magazine.

Index of Artists


Tom Campbell, who did illustrations for Fantasy Tales and for record covers, had begun to illustrate articles by Duncan Lunan before being disabled by Dry Eye Syndrome. Tom Campbell's two space paintings in the exhibition, 'Industrial Action' and 'Project- Starseed', were created for Space Voyager magazine and appear by courtesy of James Campbell and Duncan Lunan; 'Project Starseed' also appeared in World Magazine and Asgard

Index of Artists


Sydney Jordan, creator of 'Jeff Hawke', the world's longest-running science fiction strip cartoon, for The Daily Express, and of 'Lance McLanel for The Daily Record, both extensively syndicated overseas; two collections of Jeff Hawke stories have been published by Titan books. His work has appeared in many newspapers and magazines including New Scientist and Nuclear Free Scotland. Sydney Jordan's paintings in the exhibition include 'Mass Driver in Low Earth Orbit', which appeared in World Magazine, The Journal of Practical Applications in Space, and Asgard; 'VESSEL, the Venus Surface Sustained Exploration Lander', 'Comet Swift-Tuttle' and 'The Comet-Chaser' which appeared in Analog and Asgard; and the cover painting for "Starfield: science fiction by Scottish writers", edited by Duncan Lunan for Orkney Press. The exhibition includes 6 panels of original artwork and 17 panels of mounted consecutive frames reproduced full-size from 'Jeff Hawkel, illustrating the development of the strip in relation to real-life space technology from 1955 to 1975; also the originals of the introductory episodes and reproductions of the global disaster sequence from 'Lance McLane' in 1976; and reproductions of the Dick-Dick automated Mars aircraft sequence from a story co-written by Duncan Lunan and Gordon Dick of ASTRA in 1985.

Index of Artists


Gavin Roberts (current ASTRA member), co-illustrator of "Man and the Star", "New Worlds for Old" and "Man and the Planet", by Duncan Lunan, and illustrator of "Extraterrestrial Encounter" by Chris Boyce. His paintings from "Man and the Planets" have been reproduced in Analog, Space Voyager and Speculations in Science and Technology. His paintings in the exhibition include 'Waverider Probe Approaching Titan', the cover painting of "Man and the Planets". Others were shown in a BBC-2 'Horizon' documentary on contact with extraterrestrial intelligence, in which Chris Boyce took part. Two more show realistic views of the planet Saturn, from one of its moons and from an asteroid passing over the north pole.

Index of Artists


Andrew Paterson (current ASTRA member) featured first in the exhibition at the 1995 Edinburgh International Science Festival, then had solo exhibitions at the Weavers' Cottages Museum in Airdrie, the Coats Observatory in Paisley and the Dick Institute in Kilmarnock. His work has appeared in Spacereport and Asgard, and a second exhibition in Paisley is in preparation. He is currently working on a major 'Millennium Book' space art project, partly inspired by an ongoing ASTRA discussion project.

Index of Artists


Brian Waugh has an international reputation as a book jacket illustrator - the originals of some of his book covers are included in the exhibition. Brian's work adds an element of fantasy which complements the more realistic work of the other contributors.

Ed Buckley | Tom Campbell | Sydney Jordan

Gavin Roberts | Andrew Paterson | Brian Waugh


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