National Union of Track Statisticians

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The organisation was founded in January 1958, based on the same lines as the A.T.F.S., and similarly devoted to the collection and dissemination of statistics in Track & Field Athletics. The first comprehensive U.K. annual lists were published in Athletics Weekly at the end of 1958, and these formed the basis of British Athletics 1959, which was published by the British Amateur Athletics Board. As the authoritative compendium on U.K. athletics statistics, and widely known as "The N.U.T.S. Annual", British Athletics has been produced each year since 1959. The title was changed to U.K. Athletics from 1974-1982 (when published by the N.U.T.S.), reverting to its original name from 1983 (once again under the aegis of the B.A.A.B.). The Annual has been published by Umbra Software Limited since 1993. All-Time lists for both senior and junior age-groups have been produced at regular intervals, and there has also been a thriving Bulletin, originally entitled N.U.T.S. Notes but now known as Track Stats, and in its 40th year of publication. Follow the above link for information about publications. The organisation is governed by its own Constitution under an Executive Committee comprising Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and a minimum of 8 other members. These officers, who are all voluntary, are elected each year. For information about membership of the organisation, please contact the Membership Secretary, whose details are listed below.

Contact addresses
Chairman   Peter Matthews
	   10 Madgeways Close
	   Great Amwell
	   Herts.  SG12 9RU
	   Tel: 01920 870434
	   Fax: 01920 877392
	   E-mail pmatthews@macunlimited.net

Secretary  Dr. Shirley Hitchcock
	   54 Woodbury Avenue
	   Hants.  GU32 2EB
	   Tel: 01730 260278
	   E-mail s_c_hitchcock@cwctv.net

Treasurer  Don Turner
	   40 Rosedale Road
	   Tel: 020 8393 8950

Membership Secretary
	   Liz Sissons
	   9 Fairoak Lane
	   Surrey  KT9 2NS
	   Tel/Fax: 01372 724629
	   E-mail lizsissons@aol.com 

Founding members (31 January 1958)

Chairman   Alf Wilkins
Secretary  Mel Watman
Others attending
	   Stan Greenberg
	   Martin James
	   Bob Sparks
	   Colin Young

Committee  The first meeting was held on 2 April 1958, the above named
	   being joined by Len Gebbett and Chris Lindsay.

Treasurer  Peter May was elected later in 1958.

President  Harold Abrahams C.B.E. was Hon. President from 1960-1977
	   Norris McWhirter C.B.E. succeeded H.M.A. in 1979, following 
	   the latter's death in January 1978.

N.U.T.S. OFFICERS (1958 to date)

Year   Chairman             Secretary               Treasurer
1958   Alf Wilkins          Mel Watman              Peter May
1960   Len Gebbett          Pat Brian               Alf Wilkins
1963   ditto                Peter Hopkins           ditto   
1965   Les Crouch           ditto                   ditto  
1967   Alf Wilkins          ditto                   ditto  
1968   Bob Phillips         ditto                   ditto   
1969   ditto                Andrew Huxtable         Brian Nott
1970   Peter Hopkins        ditto                   ditto
1973   Alf Wilkins          ditto                   ditto
1974   Bob Sparks           ditto                   ditto
1979   ditto                ditto                   Richard Hymans
1980   Peter Matthews       David Martin            ditto
1982   ditto                David Wilkinson         ditto
1984   ditto                Andrew Clatworthy       ditto
1985   Les Crouch           ditto                   Sandra Squires
1990   ditto                David Martin            Andrew Clatworthy
1991   Alf Wilkins          Shirley Hitchcock       John Powell
1992   Les Crouch           ditto                   ditto
2001   Peter Matthews       ditto                   ditto
2002   ditto                ditto                   Don Turner

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