What is Erotomania?

Erotomania, sometimes called de Clerambault's syndrome is a condition where a person believes (quite wrongly) that someone else, usually someone who is at a higher social or work level than themselves, is in love with them.

It is more common in Women.

It is classed under a group of Disorders known as the Delusional (Paranoid) Disorders.


If you are interested in going into even more depth, the following book(s), sold by, are recommended by us. Each is followed by a rating for ease of reading (1-3).

1=Simple and Easy to comprehend.
2=More Complex but still a good read.
3=Very Complex, only for professionals/those studying to degree level.

Cognitive Therapy For Delusions, Voices & Paranoia (Chadwick, Birchwood & Trower)

RATING SCORE = 3  An excellent book explaining the exciting prospects of treating Psychosis with CBT.

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