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    Amar opening (A00) Nh3 Na3 Durkin's attack (A00)
    Anderssen's opening (A00) a3 Nc3 Dunst opening (A00)
    Anti-Borg opening (A00) h4 Nf3 R\'eti opening (A04)
    Benko's opening (A00) g3 Nh3 Amar opening (A00)
    Bird's opening (A02) f4 a3 Anderssen's opening (A00)
    Clemenz opening (A00) h3 a4 Ware opening (A00)
    Dunst opening (A00) Nc3 b3 Nimzovich-Larsen attack (A01)
    Durkin's attack (A00) Na3 b4 Polish opening (A00)
    English opening (A10) c4 c3 Saragossa opening (A00)
    Gedult's opening (A00) f3 c4 English opening (A10)
    Grob's attack (A00) g4 d3 Mieses opening (A00)
    King's pawn opening (B00) e4 d4 Queen's pawn (A40)
    Mieses opening (A00) d3 e3 Van't Kruijs opening (A00)
    Nimzovich-Larsen attack (A01) b3 e4 King's pawn opening (B00)
    Polish opening (A00) b4 f3 Gedult's opening (A00)
    Queen's pawn (A40) d4 f4 Bird's opening (A02)
    R\'eti opening (A04) Nf3 g3 Benko's opening (A00)
    Saragossa opening (A00) c3 g4 Grob's attack (A00)
    Van't Kruijs opening (A00) e3 h3 Clemenz opening (A00)
    Ware opening (A00) a4 h4 Anti-Borg opening (A00)