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1. Kids of Today 
2. Learning Love (Krasnegor/DeBorculo/Horrendous)
3. What's the Time? 
4. Face Man 
5. Waxiest Strategics (Will/Horrendous) 
6. Impy Mission 
7. Tip 
8. Ben's Boogie 
9. Constantly Falling 
10. Mother (Nature) 
11.The Migrant 
12. In This Day and Age
13. Enantiomorph 


Produced, composed and performed by Benjamin Horrendous
except where stated

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'Back to Eros' because I went back to my old Eros bass for this one, instead of my newer Epiphone.
If you'd like a copy of the CD, email me
Benjamin Horrendous: bass, gtr, slide gtr, percussion, drum programming, samples, backing vox trk 1, keyboard trk 9, vocals trks 10,11.

Very special guests

Dennis Martian voc trks 1, 3, 4, 6, 7; 12; Angel Krasnegor gtr trk 2; Bob DeBorculo gtrs, effects trk 2;
Vital Will sax trks 3,5,10; recorder trk 5; Fast Paul Table gtr trk 6; Gillian Thrilling vocals trk 9

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1- Kids of Today

Blond streaks in their hair
Shirts worn short so their bellies are bare
Ponytail or fringe
Fake tan making their skin look orange
Stuck to their mobile phones
Looking like a bunch of clones
Binge drinking on a saturday night
Any excuse to get in a fight.

What about individuality?
How about a little eccentricity?
What's wrong with originality, yeah?

The shaven headed dudes
With their racist attitudes
Reading Nuts and Zoo
Thinking that it's cool
In their ugly little cars
Sound system booming four to the bar
And the bands all sound the same
And they all got stupid names

How about a little creativity?
What happened to respectability?
What about a bit of common decency, yeah?
It's the kids of today

What happened to responsibility?
What about a bit of spontaneity?
What's wrong with solidarity, yeah?

The pop tarts on TV
Flashing their knickers for all to see
and it won't be long I know
Before someone gets their tits out on a video
And reality TV
Celebrates mediocrity
So how can I say
I got faith in the kids of today?

Things aren't the way they oughta be
Not the world I want for my daughter, no
Think ya free, but somebody bought ya, oh yeah

It's the kids of today
I said someone better pray
For the kids of today
Yeah the kids of today
They ain't got nothing to say

2- Learning Love

Instrumental track left over from the Learning Lovers Project. Angel Krasnegor came up with the original idea, and plays the main gtr line. I added the 'feedback', and Bob deBorculo layered on some more gtrs and effects. It had been forgotten by us for a couple of years, then I found it on my computer and remixed it, and added the underlying gtr. As the Learning lovers had been dormant for so long, and I liked it too much to let it go to waste, I asked Angel and Bob for their permission to include it here, which they graciously granted.

3- What's the Time?
About the horrific killing by police of the innocent civilian, Jean Charles de Menezes.

What's the time
When it's a crime
To be in the wrong place
At the wrong time?

It's the future when they shoot ya
But somehow it's now

They thought he was a bomber
Now he's a goner
Shot through the head
An innocent dead

Show no sorrow it's tomorrow
But somehow it's now

Shoot to kill
In Stockwell
Bring the Bill
Time will tell

Dead civilian poor Brazilian
It's killing time now, somehow
Somehow it's vital now

Now it's later
We're no safer
Suspect ya neighbour
Can't trust the coppers

It's the future when they shoot ya
But somehow it's now

4- Face Man
I've tried being friendly
You know I've tried to be nice
I have been patient
And I know that I've been polite
Are you looking for a fight?
Cos we could stand here all night
Until one of us gives in
And the other one will win
Someone's gotta give some space
Someone's gonna lose face

Even at this late hour
We could still walk away
But you're intent
On getting in my way
Standing in my way
You won't let me have my say
And there's nothing I can do
To make you change your view
Someone's gotta give some space
Someone's gonna lose face

Don't put your face in my face, man
I'm talking to you
You look hard, but you're harmless

get your face out of my face, man
I'm saying it to your face, man
I'm far from harmless

Shut up talking to me with that face, man
I'm talking to you
I'm far from harmless

Don't put your face in my face, man
I ain't through with you yet
You look hard, but you're harmless

Don't fucking stand there with that face on, man
I ain't through with you yet
You look hard, but you're harmless

Shut up
Don't fucking look at me with that face, man
I'm saying it to your face, man
And I'm far from harmless

5. - Waxiest Strategics
Vital Will sent me some of his sax and recorder noodlings recorded in the mid 70's. I put some of them to the bass line from 'A Little Bit More' from my last CD (Jug o' Fluff). They seemed to fit so I wove it together.

6- Impy Mission
This song originally appeared on the Fourfathers 2003 CD, 'Dust'.

A mischievous devil dancing down the road
On an impy mission like he's gonna explode
Looking for a hole
Where he can put his pole
When he finds it he's gonna lose his load

Bang bang
Bang bang
He's gone off

Silver rain, silver rain, falling down like tears
Hasn't rained like this for years
Feels like bliss n just like pissing
Imp emission

Silver rain, silver rain
Here it comes again, falling down like rain
Bang bang bang, he's gone off again

Oooh imp emission
Oooh imp emission

7 -  Tip
Black plastic perishes and cracks open cans as worms squirm in the dirt while white gulls whirling squeak in seeking treats the dozer driver drops n heaps up trashy piles of waste paper cut up cups cracked plates rust n dust swirls blue flies in his face n eyes as rats run through tires wires coil curling rotting vegetables hum leaky old oil drums seep n spoil sharp glass shards ripped sacks into strands discarded metal bands bend n whip decayed meat degrades in heat a manky cat displaces a kipper Jesus Christ this place is a tip.

8- Ben's Boogie
Improvised guitar.

9.- Constantly Falling
Holding tight
Together in the night
It's gonna be allright
We have the strength to fight
There's a place
Hidden deep behind my face
That only you can trace
With your soft embrace
With your soft embrace

We can stand against the storm
We will rise to meet the dawn
And if you call I'll come to you
Hold and comfort you
And you're coming too
Constantly falling for you

We can fly
Into the starry sky
Love takes us up so high
Our souls unify
Just like this
Each movement feels like bliss
Lost in our loving mist
Lips press up to kiss
Just like this

Can you feel the thunder crashing?
Did you see the lightning flashing?
And through it all I'll follow you
And you'll follow too
Love will swallow me and you
Constantly falling for you.

10.- Mother (Nature)
Tidal waves hurricanes floods n earthquakes breaking
Mother Earth shaking just to see who's awakened
How much more can this mother take?
How long before the motherfucker breaks?
The icing is melting off the top of the cake
Try to clean up but we keep stepping on the rake
Smack in the face with the handle
Snuffing out the candles on our next birthday cake

Mother Nature, Mother Nature

Open yuh eyes n you'll see we're all doomed
But we still keep driving around in our cars n choking on the fumes
The fishes are floating out on the surface of the lake
Every motherfucker grabbing just as much as they can take
How much more can Mother Earth take?
The icing is melting off the top of the cake
Try to clean up but we keep stepping on the rake
Smack in the face with the handle
Snuffing out the candles on our next birthday cake

Mother Nature, Mother Nature

People are starving in the droughts n the heat
We're cutting down the forests just to make some more meat
Leaders politicians businessmen all on the make
How much more can poor Mother Earth take?
Death rays drop down through the hole in the sky (shit!)
Yet still some motherfuckers will try n deny it
If you believe their scheming, I know you're dreaming
Wake up, listen, you'll hear Mother Earth screaming

This is a call out to the wise and the restless
Rise up n fight the powers that be that suppress us
I think it's about time the motherfuckers addressed this
What I wanna know is, just whose fucking mess is this?
How much more can poor Mother Earth take?
How long until the motherfucker breaks?
Someone's been spitting on my next birthday cake
So who'll make me another? We only get one mother

Mother Nature, Mother Nature

11. - The Migrant

Feathered head erect the Mandarin duck or drake quick quacks arches back marches waddles down the track between lake and river and lake and quivering feathers shake suddenly runs n flaps wings force air down beats increase as ground is released behind legs webbed feet tucked in back the duck rises n flies up into the sky's grey wintery day to form flying V's riding the breeze with others flapping wings n quacking fading they fly away southerly as day dims darker shading.

12- In This Day and Age
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In this day and age
You can find a page for everything
In this day and age
Take a photograph
Send it round the world for a laugh
Living in this day and age
You can be a star
You can drive a car
But for how much more?
In this day and age

Endless staying rage
And let's stay enraged
Someone turn the page
And our hearts will burn with rage
Endless staying rage
We're gonna fail the test
Unrest is all that's left
Unless they engage
In this dying age

In this day and age
You can find a sage for everyone
And they stay engaged
You can have your cake
But eat it up before its sell by date
Living in this day and age
You can breathe the air
Until it isn't there
Don't say that it's not fair
Living in this day and age

In this day and age

13. - Enantiomorph
gtr piece originally intended for 'Duets 3' with Bret Hart

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