Benjamin Horrendous   Dennis Martian

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1.  Mermaid Dub   3.19                                      
2.  Head in a Bag   3.38 
3.  Road of No Return   5.56
4.  Don’t You Fall   3.28
5.  Wayland the Smith   3.57
6.  Jug o’ Fluff   2.06
7.  Old Zip Head   3.24
8.  Mena   3.26
9.  A Night Like This   2.53
10.  Spirit Kitten Being   2.48
11.  A Little Bit More   4.25
12.  Barmaid Dub   1.12
 gtr, slide gtr, bass, percussion, drum sampling; 
vocals on  'Don't You Fall' and 'Spirit Kitten Being'

vocals on ‘Head in a Bag’,  'Road of no Return',
'Jug o' Fluff','Old Zip Head', 'A Night like This' 
and 'A little Bit More'. 
chourus vocals on  'Don't You Fall'. 
harp on 'A Little Bit More'.

All words and music by BH except 'Old Zip Head'
- lyrics by Tony 'Terry Ball' Waters 

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Notes and Lyrics

Made by creating loops of  several short sections of the guitar track from 'Mena', and treating with effects.


Head in a bag...I'm wired
Won't let me tired
They're gonna put me in the hole
They're gonna piss all over me
So many nightmares, no time for sorrow
Wondering just what will happen tomorrow

Tell me what you want, and I will do it
Nightmare evil jail
How can I get through it?

Throw me to the dogs
Punch me and kick
Pointing and laughing at my dick
They're gonna stick it in my hole again
They're gonna make me give a toss
So many nightmares, no time for sorrow
Wondering just what will happen tomorrow

Tell me what you want, and I will do it
Nightmare evil jail
How can I get through it?

Stripped of all dignity...I'm fucked
Cattle prod up shocked
Stacked up in a pyramid and jumped on
Lynndie laughed and led me like a dog

Walking alone
On a road of no return
I'm looking back
I'm looking forwards
I bin there I done that
N' now I've come back
Where will they find me
Who can define me?

I'm.....gonna cut up rough
I'm coming down there to mess up all your stuff
Gonna cut my cloth to the size of my fate
might not be straght but I'll step up to the plate

Get a hold by letting go
The more you think the less you know
Cut my cloth to fit my fate
A desire to create
A desire to be found
Somewhere inside a sound

Road of no return
Winding ever onwards
What can I learn
looking back n forwards?
I've seen there n I've seen that
N' now I've seen THAT
Mind  undermined me
I, undefined, = me

I'm...right here
N' I aint going nowhere
Cut to the chase or just get outta my way
Get out of my face cos I'm gonna have my say

If I'm not your ideal
It's your problem cos I'm real
If I fall or if I fly
In a twinkle of gods eye
I'm just walking, I won't run
Down the road of no return

Road of no return  (X4)
I've bin there n I've done that
N' now I've come back
Where can  they find me
Who will define me
Who can remind me
Where will I find me?

I'm right here


Don't you fall for it
Don't you fall for it

I've lived on this planet for fifty years
I seen a lotta pain n' I seen a lotta tears
Too many people tryna tell you what to do
Like somehow they think they know better than you

I'm not taking anymore
No no no
Not taking anymore

Trust in yourself n' do what feels right
No two potatoes are ever alike
Try to stand out, don't try to fit in
Be true to your heart, don't let them win

Don't you fall for it
Don't you fall for it

People keep tryna getcha to conform
All my life I've never met anyone normal
Everyone's weird but we're taught to suppress it
Show it too much n' you might get arrested

I'm not faking anymore
No no no
I'm not taking anymore

Living their lives with greed n' lust
Look in their eyes all you'll see is mistrust
Fake smiles limp handshakes they say they're your friends
Think for yourself, they'll soon drop the pretence

Don't you fall for it
Don't you fall for it

All of their scheming is just to control
So we don't notice just what they stole
They're tryna convince their illusions are real
So they can continue to lie cheat n' steal

Well I'm breaking down the door
Yeah yeah yeah
I'm not taking anymore

Lift up your eyes, see the skies thru the smoke
If we can believe in ourselves, we have hope
Don't let them tell ya how to be you
We are the many, they are the few

Don't you fall

A supernatural smith and lord of the elves. A kind of Vulcan. King Nindung cut the sinews in his feet in order to retain his services, but he eventually flew away in a feather robe.
-From:  'Brewers Dictionary of Phrase and Fable'

   Scrape the fluff right off yer screen 
   Put it in yer jug 
   Fill yer fluff jug to the top 
   Don't ya waste a single drop 

   Drop a drip under the rug 
   Lick the fluffy jug 
   Run yer finger around the rim 
   Spit the bugs out in the bog 

   Wash yer tash under the tap 
   Clean the screen n put it back 
   Hang yer hose out thru the gap 
   Press the button, shut the flap 

   Spin around till it gets hot 
   Now spit it out 
   Hang yer limp hose down the drain 
   Pull it back n start again 

   Fluff jug, jug o' fluff (X3) 
   I love my jug o' fluff 

   I love my little fluff jug 
   My lovely little fluff jug 
   Her lovely little fluff jug 
   I just can't get enough of 
   The jug o' fluff

Lyrics by my brother Tony 'Terry Ball' Waters

In his head are many things 
Some too old, Some too cold 
Some too clean 
Some obscene 
Some he don't know what they mean 

Hey ziphead, what's in your head? 
Huff n puff, smelly stuff 
High heeled girls 
With cheeky smiles 

Flashing lights n memories 
Trees n bees n sleaze 
Does he sleep or just pretend? 
Does he weep or just doesn't care? 

Open up, old zip head 
Let us see what's inside 
Open up, old zip head 
Lets us join you for the ride 

In his head are many things 
Right an wrong, yeah many things 
and merry songs 
Well ring ding ding dong

Old Zip Head and Zark Starfish at The Magic Band gig at Shepherds Bush Empire 2003

A Mermaid.

On a night like this
Won't you give me a kiss?
Cos I saw that look in your eye
You know I just can't let it pass by

Can I get you on your own?
Why dontcha tell all your friends that we just wanna be alone?
Come with me baby, I wanna take you home

Whaddya say girl?
Come home with me
I got something to show ya

With your touch of bliss
And your teasing kiss
You know you've started my fire
Come here now baby, feel my desire

Move it a little closer
Hold on tight, I'm gonna take you on a roller coaster
I love ya baby, I love you the most

Come on baby
Climb aboard
Hold on tight now, here we go

On a night like this (X2)

Stricken spirit kitten
Being bitten by beasts
Screeeches retches reaches
Crawls n falls to the ground

Coloured cotton clouds abound
Rainbows arch to golden ground
Spirit kitten licking looking good
Good calls n sound
Rainbow rides onto golden ground

Ascendeth he wherehence
Spirit being transference
Beam kitten up sudden
Sun shaft bright light
Rainbow source of sound

Loud around reverbing
As spirit kitten being
Risen up light shaft prism
Quivering  pulse rhythm

Once up sh-shivers
Peeeled for beastly figures
To find fight n dash
Down to the ground

How many times minus
Minus lives nine has
Spirit kitten being
Been bitten smitten n fallen
N thence up arisen
A quivering prism
From fall to the ground?


Have I reason to be worried
Cos you wanna play it cool?
I know that loving can't be hurried
 Just don't take me for a fool

N I know that it's all been said before
But y'know, I just need a little bit more

You've done your hair n' put on make up
Just to go out with your friends
You'll come home late, but will I wake up?
well y'know that just depends

N' I wonder just what I'm here for
Don't you know I just need a little bit more

You say you want some more attention
But I do the best I can
Or did you forget to mention
That you've got another man?

Either way, I just wanna know the score
Cos I, I just need a little bit more

Made in a similar way to 'Mermaid Dub', this time using the guitar track from 'Head in a Bag' as the source.


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