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God Knows how it's done it, but the mp3 player above has got the names all wrong. Somehow it's given them the names they had when they were wavs, before I converted them to mp3s and renamed them. But I only uploaded the renamed files!
Correct titles below...
1. Ajuba be Geared  (Horrendous/de Borculo)    3.20
Ben : samples, virtual drums, bass, riff gtr (right channel)
Bob: 5 gtrs
2. Primmer Urc  (Horrendous/Hart) 2.58
Ben: samples, virtual drums, gtr
Bret: gtr, coral sitar
3. Abba's Beard Aberration (Horrendous/Will)  4.23
Ben: bass, 2 gtrs, hand drum, samples
Vital Will: sax
4. Anthus Lug     (Horrendous/Hart/Krasnegor)     2.38
Ben: bass
Bret: gtr, coral sitar
Angel: mandolin
5. Ell Durak Anubis     (Horrendous/Hart/Krasnegor)     3.41
Ben: virtual drums, bass, lead gtr (left channel)
Bret: lead gtr (right channel), funk gtr, coral sitar
Angel: drone gtr
6. Bleak Urdu Snail  (Horrendous/Table/Will)   2.55
Ben: gtr, bass
Vital Will: sax
Paul: electric percussion
7. Beaky Coquitos    (Horrendous/Hart)     2.37
Ben: virtual drums, samples
Bret: gtr, coral sitar
8. I Got Faith (Horrendous/Thrilling)     4.02
Ben: virtual drums, bass, slide gtr
Gilly: vocals
9. Famine Animist(Horrendous/Hart)     4.02
Ben: virtual drums, gtr (right channel), bass, samples
Bret: gtr, coral sitar
Benjamin Horrendous
 in cahoots with...

Diamond Bret Hart
Golden Angel Krasnegor
Beautiful Bob deBorculo
Vital Vital Will
Super Fast Paul Table
Brilliant Gillian Thrilling


t Gillian Thrilling - vocals 8.

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