Mars Byrns
I front the Dream & Shadow Huntsman Group. Actually, it's only functioning lineup has been me by myself playing all the instruments -- but I'm working on that! The music is kinda somewhere between Captain Beefheart & Tom Waits, with something else (no one's quite sure what) thrown in. It's got a sort of earthy, organic atmosphere to it. Did a 22-track album of Dream & Shadow Huntsman Group compositions in my dorm room; sound quality is kinda poor due to massive equipment limitations and lack of previous experience, but all things considered I think I did pretty darn well. It sounds great on some stereos and like crap on others; on headphones it sounds consistently quite decent. On the album, I sing, play guitars, mandolin, banjo, bass, percussion (most of the drums are synthesized, unforunately, but some arent'), and keyboards. You can hear mp3s of 3 of the songs at (these mp3s are much worse quality than the actual CD) I will trade my CD for any Firepartier's CD (or tape even)
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