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MP3s of the  Charlies live.   Come back soon for more music!

Sources: Aiwa SD-S200 dat,Sharp MD, Sony HiMD, w/Coresound cardioids (fixed);  Zoom H2 (.wav) (internal mikes).
Right click to save and replay ("save target as...")... may also stream depending on player.


Sat 4th August 2012 Cockfosters Football Club

Annual Jerry Tribute

1.How Sweet It Is, Catfish John, Harder They Come, After Midnight>My Funny Valentine, Let It Rock, Mission in the Rain, Deal [download]

2.That's What Love Will Do For You, Cats Under the Stars,Tangled Up in Blue, It's No Use, Lay Down Sally, Like A Road,That's All Right Mama,Don't Let Go. [download]

Sat 7th April 2012 Cockfosters Football Club

1. Feel Like A Stranger, China Cat Sunflower>I Know You Rider, My Brother Esau*, Peggy-O, Jack-A-Roe>El Paso,

Valerie, Brown Eyed Women, Dupree's Diamond Blues, Don't Ease Me In  [download]

2. Shakedown Street>Crazy Fingers>New Potato Caboose [download] //


Sat 5th November 2011 The Betsey Trotwood Farringdon Road London

1. Bertha>Good Lovin', The Music Never Stopped, They Love Each Other, Mama Tried>Mexicali Blues, Let It Grow    [download] 

2. New Speedway Boogie, Eyes of the World, Bird Song, Hard to Handle, Big Railroad Blues, St Stephen>Not Fade Away>St Stephen>The Eleven...  [download] 

Sat 17 September 2011  Cockfosters Football Club

Brian (guitar),  Greg (drums)  Pat (keys), Terry (keys), Andy (guitar), Mike (bass), Tali (bass)

Feel Lke A Stranger[cut], China Cat>I Know You Rider, Me & My Uncle>Big River, Sugaree, Help on the Way>Slipknot!>Franklin's Tower. 

Django Thing, Shakedown Street, Easy Wind, Let It Rock, Scarlet Begonias>Fire on the Mountain    [download] 


7th August 2010  The Perseverance, London     Garcia Anniversary show    
Brian (Guitar), Greg (Drums), Terry(Keys), Andy (Guitar), Tali Trow (Bass), Pat (Keys)
Set 1    Easy Wind, Jack-A-Roe, Peggy-O, Friend of the Devil [fast version], Beat It On Down The Line, How Sweet It Is, Bird Song  [download]
Set 2    After Midnight, They Love Each Other, Don't Let Go, Deal  [download]
Set 3    Catfish John, China Cat>Rider, Dear Prudence, The Other One, Dancin' in the Street, Going Down the road Feeling Bad>We Bid You Goodnight [download]

       19th June 2010  The Perseverance, London

Brian (Guitar) Greg (Drums),Terry (Keys), Andy (Guitar)Michael (Bass)  * Pat (Drums)
1: Alabama Getaway, Tennessee Jed, The Music Never Stopped, Althea> Looks Like Rain, Cumberland Blues > Mexicali Blues, Weather Report Suite 2: Shakedown Street*, Help On The Way* > Slipknot!* > Franklin's Tower*, Terrapin Station > Let It Rock

10th April 2010  The Perseverance, London
1: Jack Straw, Black-Throated Wind, Foolish Heart, Sugaree, Rhapsody In Red > He's Gone > Truckin' > Jam 2: Bertha* > Good Lovin*', Lost Sailor > Saint Of Circumstance, U.S. Blues, Cats Under The Stars, Estimated Prophet > Eyes Of The World

The Perseverance, Marylebone, London   Sat Aug 1st 2009
[Zoom H2 > CoolEdit > 128kbps .mp3]
Brian (Guitar, Bass), Pat (Drums), Greg (Drums, Bass),Terry (Keys), Andy (Guitar)

1.(acoustic) Smokestack Lightning [cut], Jack-A-Roe, Candyman, Cassidy, Peggy-O, On The Road Again, Easy Wind, Monkey & The Engineer

2. (electric) They Love EachOther, Sugaree, China Cat Sunflower>I Know You Rider, Cats Under the Stars, Don't LetGo, Rhapsody In Red>That'sAll Right Mama>Rhapsody inRed,  Jam>New Speedway Boogie, Beat It On Down the Line, Lay DownSally>Death Don't Have No Mercy, Morning Dew.

Music Palace, Crouch End 3rd May 08
[Zoom H2 (internal mics), .wav > CoolEdit > 128kbps .mp3]

a.Cold Rain & Snow, Viola Lee Blues,Scarlet Begonias>Fire on the Mountain, MamaTried>Cumberland Blues, Jam, Cassidy,

b.Eyes of theWorld,St Stephen>Not FadeAway>Jam>Sheltering Sky*jam>St Stephen>TheEleven>Lovelight.

Music Palace, Crouch End 22nd Feb 08
[Zoom H2 (internal mics), .wav > CoolEdit > 128kbps .mp3]

a.JackStraw, Bertha>Good Lovin', Me & MyUncle>Big River, Easy Wind
b.Let It Rock, Shakedown St, China CatSunflower>I Know You Rider
c.Help ontheWay>Slipknot>Let It Grow, Hard to Handle, 3 Cheers for Chris!, Promised Land 

Fountain 3rd Feb 07
1. Bertha>Good Lovin',  Weather Report SuitePt I>Let It Grow, Me and MyUncle>Big River,
Loose Lucy,Sugaree>Deal
2.Cryptical>Other One>Cryptical,China Cat>Rider, Rhapsody inRed>Easy Wind, Shakedown St.

Fountain 2nd December 06
Brian, Pat, Andy, Greg, Chris,Terry
1. [cut]Sugar Magnolia, Jack Straw, Let It Rock, Music Never Stopped, Cassidy,
Hard to Handle, Bird Song, Dancing in the Streets
2. St Stephen>NotFade Away>The Eleven>Lovelight, UncleJohn's Band>MilesJam>UJB,
Wharf Rat, Around and Around.    + [cut]Shakedown St

Fountain 5th August 06- Jerry Day
Afternoon acoustic show:
1. Beat It On Down the Line, China CatSunflower>Midnight Rider*, Black Peter,
Candyman, Russian Lullabye, China Doll
[download][42Mb 128kbps]
2. Dark Star**, Deep Ellum Blues, Dupress Diamond Blues, Dire Wolf, El Paso, Friend of the Devil, High Times, It's All Over Now,  Monkey and the Engineer, Operator,Peggy-O>Jack-A-Roe
[download][70Mb 128kbps]
Evening electric show:
1. How Sweet It Is, Let It Rock, Stevie Wonder Jam, They Love Each Other, Might As Well, Sugaree,Don't LetGo>Legion jam>Don't Let Go, Valerie, Viola Lee Blues, Comes ATime>Deal
[download][95Mb 128kbps]
2. Cryptical>OtherOne>Mind Left Bodyjam>Not FadeAway>Cryptical,Help>Slipknot!>Franklins, Easy Wind, The Weight.
[download][60Mb 128kbps]

Fountain 3 June 06
complete  first set
1.Alabama Getaway, Long Long Way to Go Home (for Vinny), Foolish Heart,
Mama Tried>Cumberland Blues, Helponthe Way>Slipknot>LostSailor>Saint of Circumstance,
West LA Fadeaway, PicassoMoon, Althea>Looks LikeRain>Deal
[100Mb 128kbps]

complete  second set
2. ShakedownSt>The Wheel>Shakedown St,Alligator>Music Never Stopped,
Playin inthe Band>SoWhat?>Playin.   E: The Weight
[70Mb 128kbps.]

Fountain 6 August 05
Don't Let Go,    Sugaree>Deal

Fountain 4 October 04
complete second set:
Shakedown St>Alligator>Spanish Jam>First There isA Mountain>MountainJam>Jam
>Playin in the Band>Uncle John's Band>SilentWay Jam>UJBreprise>PITB reprise
E: Happy Birthday Greg.
[60Mb 128kbps.]

Fountain 9 August 03
I Was Made to Love Her  (Inst) (4Mb 128 kbps)
(Cosby, Hardaway, Moy: perf Stevie Wonder.) (JG w/Merl)
After Midnight (9Mb 128 kbps)

Fountain 7 June 03
Jack-A-Roe(5Mb 80kbps)
The Music Never StoppedDeal(6 + 5Mb 80kbps)

Fountain 5th April 03
Feel Like AStranger>Franklin's Tower (17Mb 128 kbps)
Help ontheWay>Slipknot>Let It Grow (14Mb 64 kbps)

12-Bar Club, London 3rd July 02
w/ Kenny Brooks (Ratdog) on sax(10mb)

Fountain 15th Dec 01
2001 Theme [7mb]

Fountain 3rd Nov 01
Let It Grow jam  [7mb]
Uncle John's Band (w/ Miles jam)[7mb]

Fountain 22 Sept 01
The Other One    [6mb]

Fountain 5 May 01
Caravan jam   [2mb]

Tufnell Park 6 April 01
Maggie's Farm  [4mb]
The Other One[9mb]
Samson & Delilah[3.5mb]

Tufnell Park 2 Feb 01
Truckin'[ 7Mb]

Fountain 16 Dec 00
Alligator>Gotta Jiboo [9Mb]

Fountain  5 August 00

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