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Recordings exist of most recent shows.

This is by no means complete - if you attend, please mail details!

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older setlists:
2001  / 2000 / 1999 / 1995-8

2002-5 setlists

Sat Dec 3rd 05 Fountain, Tottenham  setlist needed

Fri-Sat 18-19 Nov
Private Party, Muri, Zentrum in Roos,Switzerland

Sat 29th Oct   The Hermit Club, Shenfield Road, Brentwood
Brian (guitar, vocals)/ Andy (guitar, vocals)/ Pat (drums)/ Jon Carberry (bass)/ Terry Keen (keyboards)
1: Music Never Stopped> Feel Like A Stranger, Hard To Handle, Me & My Uncle> Big River, Help On The Way> Slipknot!> Scarlet Begonias> Eyes Of The World
E: Werewolves Of London
thanks to Terry for setlist

Sat 1st October    Fountain, Tottenham  setlist needed

Sat August 6th 2005   Jerry 10th Anniversary
Afternoon Garden Jam:
[included] On the Road Again, Operator, Jack Straw, Don't Ease me In, Beat It On..., Monkey & the Engineer, Duprees Diamond Blues, Dark Hollow, Candyman, New Speedway Boogie, Lazy River Road, Casey Jones (x2!)

Evening show:
1: How Sweet It Is, Catfish John, Limbo*, Valerie, Don't Let Go, The Wheel>That's What Love Will Make You Do, Cats Under the Stars, Sugaree>Deal
2: Smokestack Lightnin'>After Midnight, Shakedown Street, Uncle John's Band>Playin'in the Band>Jam>UJB>Silent Way Jam>UJB>PITB.
*Jimmy Cliff
Spencer on pedal steel throughout

Sat July 30th, 2005    Pigstock Music Festival
Feel Like A Stranger > Eyes of the World, Hard To Handle, Uncle John's Band

Fri July 29th 2005   Theatre Twm O'r Nant Denbigh
1: Cassidy >Bertha >Good Lovin >Cassidy >Dancin in the Street
2:China Cat Sunflower>I Know You Rider, The Same Thing, Truckin>The Other One,
Here Comes Sunshine, Goin Down the Road Feelin Bad
e: Help On The Way>Slipknot>Let It Grow

pigstock pix here!
with thanks to Chris Jones & Alan Thompson
more at

Sat 4th June   Fountain, Tottenham  setlist needed

Sat 2nd  April 2005
Fountain, Tottenham
1.Stranger>Franklin's, Tennessee, They Love Each Other, Mississippi, Cassidy, Cumberland,
Easy Wind, Help>Slip>Let It Grow
2.Scarlet>Fire,Cryptical>The Other One>Spanish Jam>Other One>Cryptical.Wheel>GTRFB

Sat 5th Feb 2005
Fountain, Tottenham
1.Shakedown Street, Happy (50th!) Birthday Brian, Valerie, China Cat>Rider, Bird Song, Me and My Uncle>Big River, Music Never Stopped, Dancing in the Streets
2. The Same Thing>Eyes of the World, St Stephen>Not Fade Away> Mind Left Body jam>St Stephen>The Eleven>Birthday Lovelight>Black Peter  E: Promised Land

Sat 4th Dec 2004
Fountain, Tottenham
1.Cold Rain & Snow, Cumberland Blues, Cassidy, Rhpasody in Red>Cryptical>The Other One>Space>Jam>The Other One>Cryptical>Wharf Rat>Deal
2.Feel Like a Stranger>Franklin's Tower. Help on the Way>Slipknot!>Let It Grow>One More Sat Night. E: Friend of the Devil (slow version).

Sat 2nd Oct 2004
Fountain, Tottenham
Brian,  Pat (keys)  Terry (keys), Chris,  Greg
1: Bertha>Good Lovin, Mr Charlie, Friend of the Devil (fast version!), China Cat>Rider,  Easy Wind, Help on the Way>Slipknot!>Foolish Heart>Deal
2:Shakedown St>Alligator>Spanish Jam>First There is A Mountain>Mountain Jam>Jam>Playin in the Band> Uncle John's Band>Silent Way Jam>UJB reprise>PITB reprise.  E: Happy Birthday Greg.
[complete second set download!]

Other 2004 shows
Sat August 7th   The Fountain Jerry Anniversary show
Sat 19th June     Hermit Club Brentwood Essex
Sat 5th June       The Fountain
July 29,30,31      Germany  Dancing Bear Open Air Festival
Sat 3 April          The Fountain  Acoustic/electric three set show

Sat 7th Feb 2004
Fountain, Tottenham
1: Music Never Stopped, Rhapsody in Red, Cryptical>The Other One>My Favourite Things>The Other One>Cryptical>China Cat>Rider, Bird Song, Mississippi Halfstep, Hard to Handle, Help>Slip>Let It Grow.
2 Shakedown St*, Scarlet>Fire, Alligator>jam>Mountainish jam>Going Down the Road Feeling Bad>We Bid You Goodnight, Happy Birthday Brian.
*Terry on keys

Sat 13th Dec 2003
Fountain, Tottenham
1:  Music Never Stopped, Cats Under the Stars > China Cat>I Know You Rider, Jack Straw, Me and My Uncle>Big River, Deal>Dancing in the Street>Deal.
2: Shakedown Street, Uncle John's Band,  Hard to Handle>Eyes of the World>Let It Grow
(Many thanks to Chris McH for setlist!)

4th Oct      Fountain, Tottenham

20th Sept   Peel Music Venue  Kingston upon Thames

Sat 9th August 03
Annual all-day Jerryfest, Fountain, Tottenham
Afternoon outdoor jam:
included   Dark Hollow, Maggie's Farm, The Race is On,  Deep Ellum Blues, Peggy-O, Jack-a-Roe, All Over Now, Tangled Up in Blue, Viola Lee Blues, Me & Bobby McGee
Evening show:
1: How Sweet It Is,  I Was Made to Love Her (inst),  They Love Each Other, After Midnight , Sugaree,  Help > Slip> Franklins>Deal
2: St Stephen>Not Fade Away>St Stephen>Lovelight>Mountain Jam (w/vocals)>Lovelight, Catfish John, Eyes of the World, Going Down the Road Feeling Bad>We Bid You Goodnight

Sat 26th July 2003   Mr Kyps, Poole, Bournemouth, Dorset
1.Bertha>Good Lovin', Dear Prudence, Me And My Uncle>Big River, China Cat>Rider,
Shakedown Street
2.Truckin>Other One><Jam (spanishish)>Playing In The Band. E:  Saturday Night
thanx to Cap'n Stevie for list and recording

Fri 25th July 2003   The Freebutt  1  Phoenix Place Brighton

Sat 7th June 2003      Fountain, Tottenham
1. Jack Straw, Jack -A-Roe, Tennessee Jed, Rhapsody in Red>Easy Wind, Loser, China Cat>Rider, Birds of a Feather, Peggy O, Music Never  Stopped> Deal
2. Cryptical>Other One>Here Comes Sunshine>Bathtub Gin>Here Comes Sunshine, Help>Slip>Franklins.

 Sat 5th April 2003   Fountain, Tottenham
1. Feel Like A Stranger>Franklin's Tower, West LA Fadeaway, Cats Under the Stars,
Me and My Uncle>Big River, Bird Song, Help on the Way>Slipknot!>Let It Grow
2. Scarlet>Fire>Eyes>Dew

Sat 8th February 2003      Fountain, Tottenham setlist needed!!

2002 setlists

Sat 7th December 2002, Fountain, Tottenham
Brian, Pat, Spencer, Andy, Greg
1. Jack Straw, Cryptical>The Other One>Cryptical>China Cat>Rider, Loser, Picasso Moon, Me & My Uncle>Big River, Hard to Handle
2. Feel Like a Stranger>Franklin's Tower, Loose Lucy, Cassidy, Help>Slip>Dancin'in the Streets,
Going Down the Road Feelin Bad>We Bid You Goodnight

Setlists needed for 12 Oct, Fountain and  16 Nov, 12-Bar Club

Sat 10 August 2002, Fountain, Tottenham
Annual Garcia Tribute
Evening show
Brian, Pat, Spencer, Andy, Greg
1:Harder They Come, Dear Prudence, They Love Each Other, How Sweet It Is, Don't Let Go> Jam>  Lay Down Sally>Don't Let Go, It's No Use, That's What Love Will Make You Do, Catfish John, Deal
2:Shakedown,  Alligator>GDTRFB>St Stephen>NFA>St Stephen>Eleven>Lovelight>
GDTRFB reprise>Bid You Goodnight.   E: Eyes of the World
+afternoon acoustic jam

Wed 6 July, 12-Bar Club, Denmark Place, WC2
Post-Ratdog Show  11.30-2.30am
Brian, Pat (drums), Mick (guitar), Michael(keys), Spencer (bass)

special guest Kenny Brooks of Ratdog (sax)*. Two other Ratdogs in audience.

Cryptical>The Other One>Cryptical>China Cat*>I Know You Rider*,  Cassidy, So What?>My Friend My Friend, Help on the Way>Slipknot,  Easy Wind, St Stephen>Not Fade Away>St Stephen>Eleven>Lovelight, Uncle John's Band>Eyes of the World

Sat 8 June 2002, Fountain, Tottenham
Brian, Pat, Mick, Andy, Greg
1. ?,China Cat>Rider,Cats Under the Stars,Cassidy, Loose Lucy,Weather Report Pt1>Let It Grow, Deal     2.Looks Like Rain, Uncle John's Band, He's Gone, St Stephen>Not Fade Away>St Stephen>The Eleven>Lovelight  E: LayDown Sally>Bathtub Gin>One More Sat Night

Sat 6 April 2002, Fountain, Tottenham
Brian, Pat, Mick, Andy, Greg
1.?Jack Straw, Easy Wind, Tennessee, Lost Sailor>St of Circumstance, Loser, Mississippi,  Rhapsody in Red>Music Never Stopped, Mexicali Blues, Dancin' in the Streets.
2.Samson and Delilah, Shakedown St>The Wheel>Here Comes Sunshine>Bathtub Gin>Here Comes Sunshine>Shakedown St.      E: Mr Charlie>Black Peter.

Sat 2nd February 2002, Fountain, Tottenham
Brian, Pat, Spencer, Andy, Greg

1.Cold Rain and Snow, Mexicali Blues*>Cumberland Blues, Loose Lucy, Catfish John, Feel Like A Stranger>Franklin's Tower, Unbroken Chain**, Help On the Way>Slipknot***>Let It Grow
2. Shakedown St> My Funny Valentine>Alligator>Going Down The Road>We Bid You Goodnight
E: One More Sat Night
*first Mexicali by current lineup    ** first ever Charlies Unbroken Chain!  ***Tweezer tease

2001 setlists

"DarkStar", aka Mayday, Hamburg  - New Year Shows
Brian, Pat, Spencer, Andy, Greg

Saturday 29 December 2001
1:Cold Rain & Snow, Chinacat Sunflower > I know You Rider, Rhapsody in Red, Dancing In The Streets,  Cumberland Blues, Deal
2: Uncle John's Band, Sugaree, Cryptical Envelopment > Drums > The Other One, Playing In The Band>So What>  Promised Land

Mon 31st December 2001
1: Feel Like a Stranger, Franklin's Tower, They Love Each Other, Me and My Uncle > Big River,
Picasso Moon, Birdsong, Help On The Way > Slipknot!> In Memory of Elizabeth Reed > Slipknot!,
Shakedown Street > 2001
2: In the Midnight Hour > After Midnight, Cats Under The Stars, Hard To Handle,
St.Stephen > Not Fade Away > Mind Left Body Jam > Not Fade Away > St Stephen > The Eleven >
Turn On Your Lovelight >  First there is a Mountain Jam>Alligator > Wharf Rat > Around & Around
E: Friend of the Devil, All Along The Watchtower

We had a fantastic time in Hamburg.Good responsive crowds,and generally accepted by
all there as the best they've seen the band. - Brian

Sat 15th December 2001, Fountain, Tottenham
Brian, Pat, Mick, Andy,Greg
1.Picasso Moon, Cassidy, Cumberland Blues, Sugar Magnolia, Cats Under The Stars,
Shakedown St> 2001 Theme*
2.Scarlet>Fire>Wharf Rat>Throwing Stones>Not Fade Away>Music Never Stopped,

Support from Picklepuss on top form with Floyd, Talking Heads, Zappa and their own material...

Fri 16th November , Tufnel Park Tavern, London
Brian, Pat, Mick, Mitchell, Spencer
1. Bertha>Good Lovin, China Cat>Rider, Viola Lee Blues, Cassidy, Help> Slip> Franklin's>Let It Grow
2.Uncle John's Band, Stash, St Stephen>Not Fade Away>Lovelight.
guests: Ian (vox), AN Other (harp)

Sat 3rd November, Fountain, Tottenham
Brian, Pat, Mick, Andy,Greg
1. Jack Straw,  Me and My Uncle>Big River, Cassidy, Mr Charlie, Prelude>Part 1>Let It Grow
2. Uncle John's Silent Way Band, Estimated Prophet>Eyes of the World, One More Sat Night.

Musical fireworks! Best ever Let It Grow, plus Cassidy goes to Joe's Garage and a Milesian Uncle John. [bp]

Sat 3rd November
Ross Noble show  BBC LDN (formerly London Live) 94.9FM
Uncle John's Band (acoustic) + interview

Sat 22nd September, Fountain, Tottenham
Brian, Pat, David Weston, Mick, Mitchell, Spencer

1.  [??], Cassidy, China Cat >Rider, Stash, Help>Slip>Franklin's, US Blues, Dancin in the Streets>Deal.
2.  Tangled Up in Blue, Cocaine, Gloria, For What It's Worth, Easy Wind, Good Lovin.
      [mini-set from the Scene of the Pants Band, w/Ian guest vocals!]
3.  Cryptical>The Other One>Eyes of the World>Freezer/Split Open jam... Alligator>
     Going Down the Road Feeling Bad>We Bid You Goodnight.

Sat 11th August, Fountain, Tottenham --annual Jerry tribute
afternoon acoustic jam in garden
Evening show:
Brian, Pat, Greg, Andy, Rawl + Mitchell, Spencer from Picklepuss
1.Cold Rain and Snow, China Cat>Rider, Mason's Children, Sugaree, Jack Straw (w guest vox), Cryptical>Other One>Cryptical>Watchtower, Gotta Jibboo
2.Shakedown, Alabama, Uncle John's Band>So What>UJB, St Stephen>Not Fade Away>The Eleven>Lovelight, Friend of the Devil.

thanks to Dave Vinson for pix!

Sun July 8th, Cave, Amsterdam
Cold Rain, Bertha-jam-Bertha-Good Lovin', Catfish John,
Scarlet-Fire, Maggie's Farm, Hard To Handle-Deal, China Cat>Rider

Friday July 6th: The Last Waterhole, Amsterdam
I :  Stranger, Cold Rain and Snow (sound problems), China>Rider, Me & My Uncle>Big River,
     They Love Each Other, Dancin' in the Streets
II : Truckin'>Other One->Playin'>Dear Prudence. E: Shakedown.

Sat  July 7th: The Last Waterhole, Amsterdam
I:  Help>Slip>Lay Down Sally>Uncle John's>Outrageous Jam (a bit Spanish)>
Uncle John's, Mississippi Half Step, Weather Report Suite.
II : St. Stephen>Alligator>Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad>We Bid You

Both nights they played absolutely amazingly.  They blew a hole through my
head.  I'm still getting a strong draught.  i can't wait until tonight for the Cave.
-David Wavy  (thanks for setlists)

Sat 5th May, The Fountain, Tottenham
Brian, Pat, Mick, Andy, Greg
1.Harder They Come, China>Rider,  Wolfman's Brother>Foolish Heart,
Sugaree, Tennessee Jed, Loose Lucy,  Playin'> Caravan jam[Ellington]>Deal
2.Shakedown, New Potato Caboose, Rhapsody in Red> Eyes>Playin'.
One More Saturday Night.

thanks to Dave Vinson for pix!

Fri 6th April 2001, Tufnell Park Tavern, London
Brian, Pat, Mick, Andy, Greg
1.Hell in a Bucket, Maggie's Farm, Jack Straw, Gotta Jiboo, Catfish John,  Lost Sailor>St of Circumstance,
Samson and Delilah, Loser, Looks Like Rain, Sugar Magnolia>Hard to Handle
2.The Other One>Here Comes Sunshine>Bathtub Gin>Here Comes Sunshine.  Uncle John's Band>Brain Damage>
Black Peter>The Other One>Friend of the Devil>Uncle John's Band. E: Help On the Way>Slipknot>Franklin's Tower.

3rd March, The Fountain, Tottenham
Brian, Pat, Mick, Andy, Greg
1: Bertha >Good Lovin, Valerie, Cumberland, Loose Lucy, Weather Report Suite
2.Picasso, Scarlet>Eyes>UJB>Terrapin>UJB, Dancin, Sat Night [on which Andy's amp, which
had been playing up all night,finally blew up. Well attended,and a jolly good time was had by all...]

Sat 17 Feb,  Blue Monday (formerly), Freiburg, Germany
Brian, Pat, Mick, Greg
1: Bertha>Good Lovin, Big Railroad,China >Rider, Help>Slip>Franklins, Sugaree, Easy Wind, Speedway
2 Dancin, Stephen>NFA>Stephen>Eleven>Lovelight>There is a Mountain Jam
[are we turning into a Donovan tribute band?]>Lovelight, UJB> Space>UJB
[at which point Police raid the place and insist we stop!- Brian]

Fri 16 Feb, Mosquito Club, Basle, Switzerland
Brian, Pat, Mick, Greg
1: Stranger,China>Rider,Mr Charlie,Truckin>Huge jam in A>Other One>Spanish Jam>Other One, Deal
2:Cold Rain &Snow,Hard to Handle>Hey Gyp(Donovan)>Hard to Handle, Scarlet>Fire,Cassidy,
Bird Song, [Alligator?], Sat Night,(really Sat Morning@2am), Watchtower.

Fri 2nd Feb 2001, Tufnell Park Tavern, London
Brian, Pat, Mick, Andy, Greg
1.  Feel Like A Stranger, China Cat>Rider, Me & My Uncle>Big River, Cats Under the Stars,
Truckin'> Music Never Stopped, Tennessee Jed, Help On The Way>Slipknot... Timber Ho!>Deal.
2.  Dark Star>St Stephen>Not Fade Away>The Eleven> Lovelight> Mountain Jam (w/vocals)>Lovelight.
Friend of the Devil, Shakedown Street.

2000 / 1999 / 1995-8

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