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Retrospective exhibition of paintings by Christopher English:
15th April 2013 28th April 2013
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Preview of exhibition date 16th April 2013

This solo exhibition shows a selection of work from 1970 to 2009
@ the New Walk Museum & Art Gallery,'Wall Gallery' Leicester

Videos of the Exhibition on YOUTUBE

Retrospective Exhibition Video 1 of 2

Exhibition Preview Evening 16th April

Exhibition Brochure
Video 2 of 2

Art of Christopher English
Contemporary modern Symbolist Artist

Visit my second website:
www.englishsymbolistart.com for post cards of my paintings.

I show the symbolic images in my paintings as a complement to the imagery evoked in my poems. Ideas for the symbolism in my art derive from my poetry. Content of artwork is allegorical, full of metaphor, connotation and ambiguity. I start a painting with a combination of several images from a poem. Discovery and suggestion from my imagination emerge during the painting process and are a supplement to the poetry. The result has the intrinsic value of both poem and painting. Indeed, I show where the ideas in the paintings came from, hence this publication of my poems and paintings together.

Welcome to my web site. You can find comprehensive links to general art and poetry sites from here, also, an extensive resource on symbolism. - However, the main purpose of this site is to promote my own symbolist paintings and poetry art work. You can see an over all view of my art on my slide show presentation via a 'Picture index Page' Also, there are examples of my work showing my paintings and poems together. Some of my art is shown on a list of art directory sites and those of fellow artists who have kindly offered to display my work. There have also been some reviews of my paintings and you have the opportunity to give a critique of my work too. .

Some background information about myself is given on my personal page. There's a poetry web rings page and an art web rings page. After viewing my work you might like to email me with your comments. All feedback is greatly appreciated. You might also like to place a banner link to my site on your own page, so I've created a selection of banners for you to choose from. Lastly, there's a page that holds non-art related links including details of charities and useful web tools and utilities. The best way to surf my site is by using the navigation banner found at the head and foot of each page. I hope your visit proves worthwhile and that you find something to suit your own particular taste.

Index for art work depicting
poems, prints,drawings and paintings together

As a tribute to the many hours I've spent in the life room at Art College, also the life drawing sessions at the Harrogate Arcade Gallery ( Arcade Gallery, Harrogate ) and several private artist's studios over the years, here's a selection of some of my life drawings

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Photographs of my paintings in exhibition settings.

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email E-mail: c.english@easynet.co.uk
Visit my second website:
www.englishsymbolistart.com for post cards of my paintings.

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