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Fox 3 view


Son with the Fox fuselage
Modelled to one third scale the MDM-1 'FOX' is due to be the next Purbeck release and I for one can hardly wait. I have seen the fuselages and canopies and it promises to be truly awesome.

And guess what - I collected the first pre-production kit at the MVSA Scale Competition (Sept 20th). Construction has started with the canopy and cockpit detailing .

More to follow soon.

The Fox im my car at Butser Hill - Now where do I sit?
Details received from Ricky at Purbeck Sailplanes(24th August 1998)
Scale One third
Wingspan 4.6m
Wing Section Eppler 374
Total Fuselage length 2.45m
All - up weight TBA
Wing loading TBA
Fuselage Epoxy/glass/kevlar
Wings/Tailplane Veneer over glass and carbon spar

Joiners installed

Brakes and cable runs fitted

Servo wells routed

Glass/carbon trailing edge

Price TBA
Available Spring 1999


Purbeck MDM-1 'FOX'

Terry 'the screw' White holding one of the Fox fuselages (mine I hope).

Terry White holding one of the first fuselages to come out of the mould. The canopies are

now moulded and the wings and tails will be the first items to be produced using Purbeck

Sailplanes newly acquired Step Four CNC cutter.



Latest Update!

As can be seen from the picture (left) Richard Whites Fox is well under way - now fully equiped with his own 'home-made' pilot!

Congratulations to RiC and Donna on the birth of their baby daughter

Looks like, even at this early age flying is in her blood!

By the way RiC - the Fox is a twin seater - looks like there's more 'work' to be done!

Oh, and just to prove that dad can do anything heres him in the FOX.

If you're thinking 'Bugger me that Purbeck Fox big', it's a real one!

Purbecks organised a day with Guy Westgates Fox.

I qoute RiC after his flight,

'From a 5000ft tow we released, a beautiful day for flying with Brighton and the 7 sisters in the distance. A few whispy clouds beneath us, and the sun casting long shadows over the clouds in the distance around us, Guy gave me control and we went through some initiating stuff with pitch/roll . He then told me to bank and slowly pull up to induce a spin. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The grounds going round and round, Guy has control, Nose to the deck half roll out and pull up, my head is now buried inside my shoulders with the G force. He then took me through a loop, gave me control and I did one!! WOW!!! Then instantly he took me through an aileron roll, then I did one!! WOW!!! This is all happening too quickly. The speed in which it initiates the manoeuvre is just mind blowing, and the G force! Shit I didn't expect that. Guy then took control and started to put it through it's paces, 1 rolling circle with both Left and right rolls, 2 stall turns, 1 hesitation roll, 1 tail slide, FUCKING HELL!!!!! Four point roll, and an Axle roll at just above tree height before a Fast landing. I can't begin to tell you what it was like, It took an hour for me to get over the rush. What a machine. We have the video of the day and tons of pics, you just can't help taking them can you?'

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MDM-1 'FOX' picture

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