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The English Civil Wars

Welcome to the English Civil War resource pages. These pages are designed to introduce the browser to the history of the English Civil War, to be a useful resource for anyone interested in the period, and to give links that will allow you to become part of the English Civil War today!

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History image History

A summary of the events of the English Civil Wars.

People image People Involved

Information on some of the more notable personalities at the time.

Tech image Technology

Details of the technology used at the time.

Tactics image Tactics

Types of military units used to fight battles.

Battles image Battles

Descriptions of the battles as we believe them to have occurred.

Re-enactment image Re-enactment

How you can get involved with present day regiments that re-enact the English Civil Wars.


Further reading & links are listed for the inquisitive.


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English Civil War/Oliver Cromwell
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