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What makes Mensa go?  . . . People!! 

So, you’re looking for something to do? Well, we’re always looking for people to help keep the group humming. Mensa is a volunteer organization. That means it can’t work without the members’ help! There are lots of other ways you can be part of the action. Just offer your services and someone will give you something to do! Secretaries (“LocSecs”) are appointed from volunteers – usually active volunteers, people who already hold a substantial number of meetings.

There are also appointed and elected positions that are essential to the functioning of any group. Names and phone numbers of all the current officers can be found in publications or from the National Mensa Office.

Credits, disclaimers etc: This Guide is based largely on extracts from American Mensa Publications, copiously adapted, the originals of which are published in Mensa Bulletin, December 1997; further additions have been made with material from the British Mensa Internet Website. This present guide was produced by Chris Docker, Scotland for MensaWorld. Although some alterations have been made to make it more “international” it has a British bias which should be corrected for use in other countries if required by National Offices or authorised Mensa Officers of a National Mensa.

Additions, amendments, suggestions are all welcome: Chris Docker,  Email (although please bear in mind that this it was produced as a voluntary effort and will not be always "up to date"). It may be reproduced or adapted by authorised Officers of Mensa in good standing subject to general laws of politeness and copyright. Reproduction in any form by other persons, electronically, as webpages or as hard copy, is a breach of copyright. 


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The Unofficial New Members’ Guide – an Intro to Mensa...


Welcome to Mensa!

We are delighted to have you as a member, and hope that in your local group and in the national network you’ll find at least a part of what you were looking for when you joined Mensa. Your First Time! Let’s face it. There’s nothing easy about walking into a group of strangers, even if you look like Sharon Stone or Kevin Costner, have the mind of Madame Curie or Albert Einstein, and the personality of Oprah Winfrey or Billy Connolly. And the first time can be difficult. Mensans are not intimidating in appearance or manner, but you do have to take the first step. A simple suggestion is to just grit your teeth and do it. The words “I’m new here" or “I don’t know a soul in this room" will undoubtedly bring someone quickly to your aid. And once you’ve said that, you’re in business. Join a conversation, start an argument, or make the kind of puns everyone else in your life hates. You’re among friends here!

Getting Started

Mensa is, to a large extent, a social organisation. Thus, many of our activities consist of abundant conversation punctuated by forays to the refreshment table. Intellectual stimulation is always available, but if you aren’t in the mood for that, there’s usually someone willing to chat about almost anything from television to chicken curry. There are two basic approaches to becoming active in Mensa. We invite you to take either one, or a combination of the two . . . 

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