@FC has moved

The old site just isn’t big enough anymore. For ages we’ve been trying to move down the road to a spanking new domain, but all the whining middle class NIMBY’s that have lived in the manor for all of fifteen minutes have been having a collective strop about how we’re upsetting their feng sui and how anyone wearing a red and white shirt is a serious obstacle to them parking their four wheel drives that they use every day to take little Tristram and Isolde to the under-fives self-exploration resource centre in Highgate. And how Upper Street is so crowded by rowdy Gooners and the sad last vestiges of the Borough’s actual indigenous population that there’s nowhere to park when Yolande has to pop into the new age holistic health emporium for ginseng verruca paste for Tarquin’s feet. Sod ‘em all. A pox on their lava lamps and their funny tasting salads. We’re off. You can find us now at:


Same old crap guaranteed. And maybe a bit of football as well.

Any thoughts, queries or donations mail us at: gary@red-geezer.co.uk



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