"The Swamp is my world
It is who I am... It is what I am
I was once a man,
I know the evil men do
Do not bring your evil here, I warn you...
Beware the wrath of... Swamp Thing!"
(Alec Holland)


"What a load of bollocks!"
(Anton Arcane)




Hello, and welcome to my humble little website dedicated to the Swamp Thing TV series. If you're reading this then I guess that you either have an interest in the the series -- or comics that it is based on -- or you've stumbled onto this page and are wondering what it's all about; in which case I'll do my best to enlighten you and let you decide whether this is a series you should be watching or not. Of course, how could it not be?? (Biased... moi?) Don't expect a reverent homage through rose tinted specs though, and having a sense of humour when watching it helps the experience immesely. Still, let's face it, I must really love the series if I'm writing this web site for it, mustn't I? (either that or a closet masochist!) :) Of course, if you came here by accident and wish to run away screaming, now's a jolly good time to do it. <g>

The obligatory introduction (to save you having to search through pages to see if there is a spark of interest there): Swamp Thing is a half hour cable TV series by MCA/Universal, and made by BBK Productions that aired on the USA Network between 1990 and 1993, and is currently being re-run on the Sci Fi Channel. The series follows the adventures of Dr. Alec Holland, a scientist who was disfigured and transformed in a laboratory accident caused by his arch enemy, Dr. Anton Arcane. Alec seems to have a full time job on his hands as he has to constantly contend with Arcane's demented schemes of acquisition and destruction which invariably threaten Alec and his friends. Well, usually: After a little while it seemed to be decided that this was getting old and having poor Arcane do his best to find more and ingenious ways to finish himself off instead seemed to be the more usual plot (and a lot of fun it was too!)

Of course, not every episode has Arcane as the threat, or even in it (although the ones with him in are by far the most fun, in most viewers' opinions.) Though Alec -- or 'Swampy' as he is affectionately known -- is the title character, the series spends more time concentrating on the other characters, notably his nemesis, Arcane, and others created specifically for the TV show, such as the Kipp family. Anyone expecting a standard superhero show with said hero constantly flexing the old muscles and saving the day, with everyone else pretty much in the background isn't going to get that with this show. The other characters were concentrated on more; and the show was more of an ensemble one than dealing with just one main person. By not overusing or formularising Swamp Thing, his mystique and enigma are preserved throughout the series (well, mostly. He had his moments! <g>)

One thing to be said about 'Swamp Thing' is that it is not a series that takes itself too seriously. Let's face it, when you're hero is a seven foot tall talking plant, it's a tad difficult to be taken seriously... so the series often doesn't try! (& when it does, oh boy, does it regret it!! <g>) It contains a lot of humour (more dialogue driven than visual) and isn't afraid to stand back and take a good laugh at itself, and only very rarely descends into off-putting camp. That isn't to say that it's shallow. Far from it. For such a low budget and often cheezy show, the characters are amazingly well defined and have strong depth and motivation (well, at least after first season, anyway.) I'll leave going into the series in huge amounts of detail for the other, more dedicated sections in this website, where I'll be covering just about any aspect I can think of. This site is still very much under construction. I have a lot planned for it, and it will be constantly added to and updated; so if you like it, please keep checking in to see what's new. All news of amendments and additions will also be posted to and the varous other related SF, comic and TV newsgroups, as well as the Swampy and DC mailing lists.



Well, onto what's on offer here so far!


I'll be constantly trying to find ways to make this site better. If you have any comments at all, or suggestions on any means of improvement I'd love to hear from you. Criticisms are equally welcome. Most welcome of all though are contributions. I'm always on the lookout for the following:




Carol Ann Chwal has now set up a fan club for the series (and also considering a separate one for Mark Lindsay Chapman as well (who portrays Dr. Arcane)) Membership is $10 ($12 for overseas) per year. For further information; or feedback and suggestions on what you'd like to see the club providing, please contact Carol at or visit the club's website at




I'd like to thank the following people for their help, support and/or contributions: Carol Ann Chwal, Robyn King-Nitschke, Steve Iverson, JJ ARROW, Jon T Day, Mike Huffman, Q, Mike Raine, Audrey De Lisle, Michael Brookes, Mike O'Donovan, Tracey Webb, Kosmo, Fan Shing, Dara Sloan, Ponce, Sin Yi, Robert, Torsten Dewi, Steven L. Sears, Sherry Wood, Charles R.L. Power, Tiff, Ryan Anthony Summers, Tom Greene, Gary Storm, Patrick, Judy Gorman, Joseph Mangine, Sci Fi Channel, Tom Nowicki, Kristina Latimer, and several other people. If I've inadvertently left anybody out, the humblest of apologies are heading your way. Let me know and I'll grovellingly make corrections.


As some of you may already know, Fran recently lost a long, hard battle against cancer. This website will, however continue as she would have wanted it to.

We will NOT take down the page and we will try to keep the page updated on a regular basis. If you have any suggestions, comments, or can help with the page, please contact either Mike Raine ( or Shelley White (

To all of you who knew Fran, and have sent tributes or messages, her family thank you for your support.


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