Artificial Intelligence Othello

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Version 0.0.1b
Copyright © Toby Jaffey 1997

Source Code usually available on request.

Neurothello is a simple interface to the game of othello for the mac. The program itself is very simple, an artificial intelligence routine is assigned to each player then executed. The game is geared towards programmers and come with a software development kit to aid in creating artificial intelligence plugins.

Download Current distribution (v0.0.1b).
Email me and tell me what you think, (and if it works).


Primarily, the AI routines are pretty miserable. At present, none of them can beat me (and I'm no expert). Possible brains could include those that use neural nets to learn optimal behaviour or using game trees (RTFM).

When I work out how to do it (help appreciated) the ability to connect to IOS (Internet Othello Server) would be useful to both test brain modules and play against other people. I've made a start trying to adapt the client source code for unix but haven't had much luck with GUSI.

Minor bug: I need to change the routine that reads in files so that it ignores the Icon file generated by a custom icon on the Brains folder.

Bug reports, feedback, comments, cash donations,suggestions, braincode, questions all welcome.....