Welcome to Vampire Wars Mud. May thy blade stay ever sharp, thy soul ever dark.

Vampire Wars is one of the only MUDs around in which you don't have to worry about Class or Race. It dispenses with the need to worry about what you should be, and why. Vampire Wars is about having fun, not statistics.

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About Vampire Wars
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Information and FAQs - Please will newbies read this, as it can be very informative!
Players League! - See where you stand in Vampire Wars
Gods and Deities of Vampire Wars
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Anywhere you see the Vampire Wars logo (as seen at the top of this page if you have images), and you have a program associated with telnet links, you can click on the logo and go directly to Vampire Wars!

Speak not: whisper not:
I know all that ye would tell,
But to speak might break the spell
Which must bend the invincible,
The stern of thought;
He yet defies the deepest power of Hell

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