Welcome to my online world. I've been on and around the Internest since it was in short trousers (1994, if you were wondering), so I've seen quite a bit. Most of it emanates from pornstars (all of whom seem to know me on a first name basis) and strange, yet equally This way for old cinema buildings
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familiar people in Nigeria who apparently want to give me money. For the last 6 years or so, I've been scratching a living in the armpit of popular culture* as a journalist, writing for the likes of Publishing News (where I did 4 years on the staff, and met many people, some very dear, some less so), The Oldie, the New Statesman and Crescendo and Jazz Music. In addition, I've appeared on BBC Radios 2, 3 and 4 as an 'expert' on various subjects including the state of book retailing, the Nigel Molesworth books and Dudley Moore's jazz piano playing.

In December 2001, I gave my employers at PN 3 months' notice and in March 2002, as promised, I went freelance. How was I planning to support myself in the lean times that followed this reckless act? Extortion? Whoring my commodious arse at the Shaftesbury Memorial? A private income? None of the above. I had signed with the estimable Toby Mundy at Atlantic Books to write a history of the record industry, which is now completed and due for publication in February 2004. I had also fled stinky, stressful old London in favour of the bracing air of the Suffolk coast, which aided both financial and mental security. Oh, and I acquired a dog - a Jack Russell/Cavalier King Charles cross whom I named Lyttelton after the great Humph.

In time, I will be posting extracts of the book, as well as material that I didn't quite have space for in the final manuscript, but in the meantime, please feel free to enjoy what's here.

* I would like to claim the credit for this fine expression, but as this site believes in full and proper attribution, I can't. Step forward Attractions bassist Bruce Thomas in his rip-roaring but long out-of-print book The Big Wheel. Taking me to task or just chewing the fat?

This site was launched on 29 July 2003 and
last updated on 29 July 2003. Funny that.

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