1993 : The Danish Tour

In April 1993, ARK found themselves touring Denmark. 5 band members, 4 crew, the band's manager & a big bus.

We were out in Denmark for just over a week and a handful of shows. What follows is sort of a tour diary. There are bits that I can remember clearly and others that the mists of time and much alcohol have faded. What I do recall is we had a great time, and played some brilliant gigs.

If you wish to skip various sections, here is the index:
- the leaving of Birmingham and arrival in Randers
- first night in Silkeborg
- stop over in Silkeborg and charity gig
- on to Ärhus
- stop over in Ärhus
- another day in Ärhus
- second gig in Randers
- first gig in Älborg
- the journey home

(above) The advert for the Danish tour.

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