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Just four recipes so far, but we are still a young site. BOOKMARK us, and come back again soon; we will be adding new recipes every few weeks and soon you too will be cooking like Mrs Pal (...well maybe not quite that well). Each recipe is worth trying in its own right, but if you cook all four together you will have a wonderful meal (just right for Puja, which should keep Sangeeta of Pennsilvania happy!).

Chicken Curry - delicious, and easy, and there's even a quick version if you're in a hurry.

Chana Daal Much, much more than simply bolied lentils. You must try this.

Fried Prawn and OnionsSimple to cook, but better than you have ever tasted prawns.

Pilau RiceNothing to do with multicoloured rice, a wonderful meal in its own right.


Most ingredients can be found in good supermarkets in Britain. Big cities are also likely to have specialist Indian food stores; you might even find some of the truely wonderful Hilsha fish you can see behind our title above. In Birmingham (UK), Handsworth is the place to go. If you live within reach of London, Southall, on the West side of London just off the M40 is well worth a visit for all things Asian: wonderful cooking, music, clothes, jewellry and lots of interesting food shops.

If you can not buy find ingredients locally to your home then all is not lost: as so often, the Net comes to your rescue! Firstly, if you live in the US of A you could see whether any of the 20 or so shops listed on the Indian Stores page are within reach (though are there really only this few in the US: in the UK you would find this many in Southall alone!). Anyone else could try these sites for mail order spices:

Curry Direct A UK mail-order supplier of a wide range of spices. They will also post them overseas.

Indian Specialties A US supplier of Indian foods, though they do not seem to sell the individual spices.

Tell us if you know any other good sources of spices on the net or local to where-ever you are; we will add them to this page!

Links to other Indian recipes:

While you are waiting for us to put on all our other recipes, you might like to continue trying home made Indian food. We can't find any other Bengali recipes sites (unless you know better!) but these two sites will provide good stopping-off points for other Indian recipes.

Indian Recipe Exchange A good selection of recipes with a searchable index - you can even add your own.

Links to Indian Food/Recipe Sites This is part of the WWW Virtual Library and should keep you busy in the kitchen for the forseeable future!

More about Bengal

When you taste how good the food is you will want to find out more about wonderful place it comes from. West Bengal is the Indian State situated on the lush green land where the delta of the great Ganges river meets the Indian Ocean, in the plains below the Himalayas. The people are cultured, argumentative, and sports mad and the capital is the vibrant, cosmopolitan city of Calcutta. Find out more (go and visit!):

Bengal Home Page (unofficial) A great site with everything you want to know about the place, the culture and the people that make up West Bengal, plus links to all things Bengali on the net. It's a fast US site and there is a UK mirror.

West Bengal Official Home Perhaps a little dry and business-like, but developing more every-time we visit. Visually a very nice site (the image above was "borrowed" from their site - Thanks).

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