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Duncan Lunan  (Treasurer) joined the Scottish branch of the BIS in 1962, at the same time as Prof. Nonweiler. He was on the committee which drew up the-Constitution of ASTRA as an independent society in 1963, and redrafted it as the Memorandum and Articles of a Company Limited by Guarantee in 1974. He has been a Council member since December 1963 with only two short breaks, and has been Treasurer, President, Vice-P resident, Treasurer, President, Secretary and President again during that time. He has been exhibition organiser and on the publications committee since 1970, editing ASTRA's publications in 1982 and 1992-96.

Duncan is a full-time writer on astronomy, space flight and science fiction; his books include "Man and the Stars", "New Worlds for Old" and "Man and the Planets", created as book projects within the society, and he had guest chapters in the other two books published with ASTRA participation, "Extraterrestrial Encounter" by Chris Boyce and "The High Frontier" edited by Bob Low. His current book project, "Children from the Sky", was an ASTRA discussion project in 1994-95 and he will write the text for the current project, Andy Paterson's 'Millennium Book' of space art.

In 1978-79 he was Manager of the Glasgow Parks Dept. Astronomy Project, which built the first astronomically aligned stone circle in Britain for 5000 years, and among many other ASTRA conferences he organised one on archaeoastronomy at the Third Eye Centre in 1978, 'Heresies in Archaeoastronomy' at the Edinburgh International Science Festival in 1996 and its follow-up events in Glasgow.

He was Acting Curator of Airdrie Public Observatory in 1979-80 and was Assistant Curator between 1987 to 1997.




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