Dec 31 1999..Jan 2 2000 : y2K party, by Blacksheep, London, UK. WWW.irational.org/interact/blacksheep
Jan 21 :  Mitnick released from prison, having received credit for time served and good behavior. Started his three years of probation.
Takedown.  since dec 1994.
Feb 5 : disorient 2000 party, New York, USA. www.DISORIENT.COM
Feb 19 : Disinfo.Con 2000, Hammerstein Ballroom, New York, USA. www.disinfo.com
Feb 27: Echelon TV program by CBS. also "Secret Empire" - the intelligence wing of theMilitary Industrial Complex.
NewNavy-supported machine recognizes spoken words better than humans NAVYWIRE SERVICE (NWS)
MachineDemonstrates Superhuman Speech Recognition Abilities University of SouthernCaliforniaNews Service
Mar 5..11 : UFO& Alien Invasion week by TLC.(The Learning Channel)
Mar 9 : temperature record high in New York : 77 F (comp 65 F in 1977)
Mar 10 : disorient 2000.2 party, New York, USA. www.DISORIENT.COM
Mar 10 : Movie, Mission toMars
Mar 12 : Never before has a pope publicly asked Godâs forgivenessfor the horrors committed by groups of Catholics over the centuries ÷ oftenin the name of the Church. in V A T I C A N   C I T Y,
Apr 5 : NewCydonia Images, Cydonia:Two Years Later : MGS MOC Release No. MOC2-222
Apr 10 : 100 Tetrahertz Atomic Precision Silicon Crystal Switches Produced. URBANA-CHAMPAIGN, Ill. USA. Researchersat the University of Illinois.have developed a method of prepping single-crystalsilicon wafers for organic molecules, which produce molecular switcheswith atomic precision.
Apr 30:  Mr. Laurence Rockefeller founded research for crop circleend, start from April 1998, work with Colin Andrews.May 1: disinfo 2000 partyat SohoStudio NY. 3,000 attended. strange thing happened while ibva experimentin this party after police came and party was canceled about 1 AM may 2nd.May 1..21:  CHEMICAL BROTHERS US Tour, May 1 is SALT LAKE CITY,May 21 is end up in Tampa , Florida.May 3 ? :  marijuana legalize demo at London. 10,000 attendedpeaceful demo with sound.May 6: The Year 2000, UFO Abduction Conference "Emerging Science andthe UFO Phenomenon" at New York Hall of Science (NYHoS),  Nick Pope, Anna Jamerson,JohnMack, Budd Hopkins, Bruce Maccabee  www.IntrudersFoundation.org

Jun 19: Milestonein human genetics to be announced Monday.http://www.cnn.com/HEALTH/
Jun 22: Visualevidence suggests water springs on Mars by Nasa.NASA.http://www.nasa.gov/
July 12: BAIKONUR, Kazakhastan, RUSSIACNN news. InternationalSpace Station : NASA / boeing
July 14..16: H2Khttp://www.2600.com/
July 15:heart+ 29 circle crop circle in East Kennett (2), nr Avebury, Wiltshire.UK.
July 25:
InternationalSpace Station has docked with the fledgling orbiting outpost.

aug 3:1ThzProcessor Announced!
aug 11: newmission for 2003
aug 15: AllBritish Airways Concordes have been grounded.
Sep 26-28:
Sep 30:COMETA[ special French committee of political and militatry figures addressing UFO issue]
Oct 2: Swiss cabinet aims to legalise pot smoking.CNNEurope news.
Nov 2: InternationalSpace StationCNNnews
Nov 3:CNNnews.
Currentprojections : closest approach to Earth on September 21, 2030
Nov 16-17:
Nov 27:IBM SupercomputerCNNNews.
Dec 6: ParapsychologyFoundation
Dec 7: CNNNews. READING,England
Dec 12: TESLA: Master of Lighting
Dec 23:
Dec 28: CNNNews. MOSCOW, Russia
Dec 28:CNNNews. MOSCOW, Russia
this location is Flushing Meadows Park, the site of the and 1964 World's Firs. Tesla did his demo in 1939 in here. they have completed separateprojects aimed at sequencing the human genome -- mapping the order of thecomponents of DNA. Human Genome Project. ( 10 years ago start, June 23on News ) "Mars life" The long-awaited housing quarters of the International SpaceStation reached orbit Wednesday and began a two-week cruise toward a dockingwithearlier segments of the $60 billion outpost. . New York City. thethird Hackers On Planet Earth conference! Air France Concorde Flight 4590 crash, killing 113 people,out side Paris. first-ever Concorde crash. However, in January this year,a Concorde aircraft made two emergency landings at Heathrow Airport, dueto engine failure. July 25: A long-delayed Russian module that will provide power, guidancesystems and living quarters for the overtwo years delay. first long-term inhabitants, expected to arrive in October. But the space laboratory, a massive 16-nation project headed by theUnited States, will not be complete for another five years, after morethan 40 space flights. Mir station : Russia has also been criticized for keeping the Mir station in orbit,though Russian space officials maintain the 14- year-old station is stilluseful. The Netherlands-based MirCorp, which runs Mir, announced earlierthis month that the station would be permanently manned beginning earlynext year, including visits by "space tourists." Posted by Upsilon. NASA said Thursday it had learned from its mistakes and wouldnotrepeat them in an ambitious . URI GELLER in New York. uri performance on Sep 27. French government open more UFO information -->>Swiss move to legalise cannabis : U.S. astronaut &Russian cosmonauts, crew sets up shop on'Alpha', LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- Scientists have spotted a smallasteroid or a piece of space junk that they say has a 1-in-500 chance ofhitting the Earth in 30 years -- far greater odds than any similar objectever discovered. 4 times more than M7 quake in New Ireland Region, P.N.G. helps U.S. identify objects in space. Unidentified flying objects havea new nemesis on planet Earth. Perspectives lecture series by , "Ghosts, Electromagnetics, and Altered States" at New YorkAcademy of Science. first time ( oct, nov, dec ) Parapsychology conferenceat Academy of Science since 1850's. Professor to wire computer chip into his nervous system. -- 2001 summer, a professor plans to take a step closer tobecoming a cyborg -- part human, part computer -- by implanting a silicon chip that communicates with his brain. First time TV show, , by PBS on cable, including HAARP story. it'snever happened before. Mrs. Sun party in NJ. first time vist Mrs. Sun with Shen Jinchuan from China. China NO1. psychic. Six Russian satellites lost, Six satellites launched from Plisetsk Cosmodrome in northern Russia were lost on Thursday after a third-stagerocket boosting them into orbit apparently malfunctioned. Russia feared Mir was lost in space. A senior Russianofficial has said engineers feared they might never regain control of theMir space station after they lost communication for 24 hours.

Jan 9-12: at SF MacWorld, shows 500 MHz G4 powerbook and 733 MHz G4with DVD-R super drive.
January 13: a quake measuring 7.6 killed at least 700 people in ElSalvador and left 10 percent (100,000 ) of its population homeless.
Jan 15 : Time magazine, Special issue "DRUGS OF THE FUTURE, Amazingnew medicines will be based on DNA, Fine out how they will change YOURLIFE" in this magazine's page 100 : "Recreational Pharmaceuticals" "Findingnew party drugs like Kand ecstasy won't be easy" this article say, useK &ecstasy for fun andshamans and for scientific research. firsttime telling drug use like thisway by street magazine in USA.
Jan 24, 27: Beginning of the end for Mir. on 27 January a Russian cargocraft successfully docked with the Mir space station on Saturday, beginning the final chapter in the station's15-year history.
March 6 has been set as the tentative date to ditch the 140-ton craft intothe South Pacific ocean.  CNN News
Jan 26: quake in BHUJ, India, 7.9-magnitude in Friday morning, RepublicDay, a national holiday. Patrick Fuller, head of International Red Crossin India, told CNN's Nic Robertson in Bhuj that the death toll could alreadybe at least 30,000 and may reach 100,000 once more information isreceivedfrom outlying areas. There are an estimated 200,000 people homeless.mostpowerful quake strike India, when an 8.5-magnitude temblor killed 1,538people in northeastern Assam state, 50 years a go. EarthquakeBulletin html    CNNNews
5 times more than M7 quake in January 2001 in this planet. Earthquakes,Magnitude 7 and Greater html       otherinfo for quake
quakegraphs : by National Earthquake Information Center
Jan 27-28: UFO TV program by Travel channel. 6 hours.
Jan 29-30: Crop Circle TV program by History channel. Jan 29 to Feb 1,every day UFO TV program by History channel.
Feb 13: magnitude-6.1 quake El Salvador, came after a January 13 earthquake,which left hundreds dead and thousands more injured.
Feb 12: NEAR (Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous) landing on Eros, Manhattan-sizedasteroid rock, The first spacecraft to land on an asteroid. NEAR-Shoemakerhas traveled 2 billion miles since it leftEarth five years ago. Its rockycompanion Eros is only the fifth celestialbody touched by a human spacecraft,following the Moon, Mars, Venus and Jupiter. CNNNewsCNNNews
Mar 2: Nitro Liquigam and Skin Rocket atFun, NYC, bigtwin video + IBVAexperiment
Mar 7: Russian space officials on Wednesday set March 20 as the date fordumping the Mir space station. (it's delayedto Mar 24)
Mar 24: MacOSX final ship. (but not include digital video, usb, etc)
May 7: Newsweek magazine: "God & the Brain"  How We're Wired for Spirituality. cover page. page 50, 51 shows Mariko Mori's Art.
May 8: "Life On Mars? New Scientific Evidence" a press conference was held in Hotel New Yorker, New York City which many are calling a scientific milestone.

This event was held to announce the discovery of a new human-like face (photo right), strange tunnels, pyramids and signs of current vegetation on Mars from among the 65,000 recently released NASA/JPL photographs taken by the Mars Global Surveyor. Brian O'Leary, Tom Van Flandern, etc.
May 9: National Press Club: News & Events , Disclosure Project Press Conference on Extraterrestrials.
Military,intelligence, government, corporate and scientific witnesses willspeakata press conference on May 9th, from 9 to 11 a.m. EDT.
 Internet    Video Webcast, 6 month on web

Campaignfor Disclosure Witnesses Panel Originally Broadcast Live   on Wednesday, May   9, 2001.
May11: Government is covering up UFO evidence, group says: THE WASHINGTON TIMES News
June 8..10 : "First World Symposium on Self-Healing &Consciousness Power" by WISH. New Jersey, USA. work shop by Master SUN from China, etc.US government start to work for alternative medicine policy since july of 2000. Effie P Chow Ph.D. was appointed by President Clinton to the White House Commission for this.
July 17..20 : MacWorld NY. MacOSX V10.1 announce. ship in september. iDVD V2, etc.Oct 26: Disclosure Campaignat The New York Academy of Medicine. by Steven M. Greer, M.D.

22: Jan, IBVA V2.4.X for coherence function was completed.
march, Tera Hz computer technology was shows on CPU (Computer Power User) Magazine by Intel.

April, mariko crate UFO Body in Italy that for "WAVE UFO".

Ray & masahiro start brain wave experience Lab in Manhattan & Brooklyn, New York.
2 August,
first movie that shows Crop Circle, "Signs" by Disney, $200 million investment for this movie. now top movie in US. Colin Andrews was consultant for this. other Crop Circle movie "A Place to Stay" will show in this year.
20 Aug, Signal to Space:
Live out-of-this world Rock Concert and television special beta contract with Michael Luckman & masahiro that  for use IBVA.
Aug-Sep, Cape Town, South Africa for launch of CPSA 2002 (Coherence Project South Africa 2002).
Maya V4.5 Unlimited start to ship for Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP Professional, IRIX and Linux.





1995 is Earthquake year in this 13 years.
big earthquake in Japan was 17 Jan 1995.

then 2003, may times happend earthquake in Japan:
May 11, May 26, Jul 25 two times, Jul 26, Sep 20, Sep 25 two times, Sep 28, Sep 29, Oct 8, Oct 31

IBVA 295MHz receiver problem and change : Sep. 10/Sep. 24/  coil change-->> Oct. 24

July 15 : UFO sighting & Photo by masahiro. UFO1   UFO2 : from NJ TRANSIT 3510 window. 5:15PM-5:40PM Newark Int'l Airport -> NY
Aug 14-15 : NY Black out. over 60 million people effecting near 24 hours. (4PM to 4PM)


• In three minutes, 21 power plants shut down, including 10 nuclear plants
• 9,300 square miles in the U.S. and Canada were without power
• 9,500 police officers were out in New York overnight, up from the usual 1,000 to 2,000
• Seven airports grounded planes
• 800 elevator rescues; 80,000 calls to 911; a record 5,000 emergency medical service calls; 60 serious blazes and 11 burglaries in New York City
• More than 100 miners at a nickel mine were stranded underground in Ontario
• Nearly 1 million lose water in Cleveland
• About 50 million live in the affected region from New York north to Toronto and west to Detroit
• The temperature was 92 degrees Fahrenheit in New York City

Source: The Associated Press, Genscape, federal and state governments, law enforcement

Committee Hearing : The House Committee on Energy and Commerce : W.J. "Billy" Tauzin, Chairman


Oct : stop to flight Concord Since 1977 Nov 22: Concord to New York

Nov 14 : Friday night Power File  : Hundreds of thousands still without power in Midwest, East
(AP) -- Utility companies continued working to restore power to hundreds of thousands of customers Friday night after heavy wind and rain hit the East and Midwest. The powerful gusts were expected to calm by Saturday.

At least eight people have died in the storms since Wednesday, including three motorists hit by falling trees.
More than 1.4 million customers lost power, and by Friday evening, lights were still out for about 260,000, including nearly 79,000 in Pennsylvania.
Most utilities expected to return to full power by Saturday, but some hard-hit areas of western New York may be without power until early next week as crews untangle trees from lines and make repairs.
The winds that had gusted to more than 70 mph Thursday died down somewhat, but gusts as high as 45 mph swept over some areas Friday. The National Weather Service predicted calmer winds on Saturday.
The tornado had winds of 110 to 130 mph and was on the ground for about 12 miles, said meteorologist Mark Adams with the National Weather Service in Cleveland.
In California, a storm dumped about 5 inches of hail and rain on parts of Los Angeles County during a two-hour period Wednesday night, flooding homes and stranding motorists.

Nov 15 : Later Sunday French President Jacques Chirac and Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin visited the shipyard where the 15 died and 31 others were injured -- many of them children -- in Saturday's tragedy, Queen Mary 2 gangway collapse.

Liner gangway collapse toll now (Sun) 15 : PARIS, France (CNN) --
Relatives have been making the grim journey to a chapel of rest at the shipyard at Saint-Nazaire, France, to identify bodies as the toll from the Queen Mary 2 gangway collapse was put at 15.

According to Cunard, the luxury cruise liner -- dubbed QM2 for short -- is the largest, longest, tallest, widest and grandest ocean liner ever built.
The $800 million, 150,000-ton vessel can carry 2,620 passengers and 1,253 crew members. The ship features a planetarium, 22 elevators and the world's largest floating library. Its top speed is 34.5 mph.
At 1,132 feet in length, it is 113 feet longer than the original Queen Mary and 166 feet longer than the Eiffel Tower is tall (986 feet).
The ship is due to be handed over to Cunard shortly before Christmas.
Britain's Queen Elizabeth II is then due to name Queen Mary 2 at a ceremony at Southampton, England on January 8, 2004.
Earlier this month, the ship underwent two rounds of offshore trials ahead of its maiden voyage in January.
On Monday, January 12, Queen Mary 2 is scheduled to embark on the 14 day maiden sailing from Southampton to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Dec 1:
World AIDS Day came amid news of a new $5.5 billion emergency strategy to supply badly needed drugs to fight a disease now infecting 40 million people globally.
The "3 by 5" plan, launched by World Health Organization (WHO):  Who decided for budget HIV project for $55billion.
Africa is bearing the brunt of the pandemic, with an estimated 26.6 million people in sub-Saharan Africa suffering from HIV/AIDS -- more than the rest of the world put together.
About 3.2 million new infections were recorded in 2003, and 2.3 million deaths.
One of the worst hit southern African nations is Zambia, where one in five adults has HIV, the virus which causes AIDS.
In Cape Town, Beyonce Knowles and U2's Bono headlined a star-studded concert on Saturday, kicking off this year's campaign.
In a stadium packed with 40,000 people, former South African President Nelson Mandela called on governments around the world to act immediately in the fight against AIDS. (Beyonce, Bono head AIDS benefit)

Dec 1:
Japan started Digital TV broadcasting system. Only part of Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka.
until 2012, all TV will change to digital TV.

Magician Sero TV on air in Japan. First time on Digital TV show for such Psychic.
30 years a go 1973, Uri Geller demonstrate Psychic spoon bending in TV Japan, work with Alien team "Controller 9".

Dec 3:
15,600 years old ancient history object  announce,
Kannoki Shinano  Nagano Japan, that was found on 1999.

Dec 6, 7: Record snowfalls -- totaling nearly 4 feet in some cases -- blanketed New England on Sunday, but the early-season storm had largely wound down across the Northeast with moderate snow and weaker winds beginning to taper off overnight, the National Weather Service said. NY

Dec 8:

 米IBM は8日、ナノテクノロジー(超微細技術)を用いた新たな半導体製造技術を開発したと発表した。従来のように光を使って回路を焼き付ける「露光」 ではなく、「自己組織化」と呼ばれる現象を応用して記憶素子をシリコン上に生成する。

 高額の半導体ステッパー(回路露光装置)が不要になるため、IBMは製造コストを大幅に削減できるとしている。回路生成の精度も高まるとい う。日米欧の 学界、産業界は次世代露光技術の開発を急いでいるが、全く違う発想の競合技術が現れた。  (16:00)


Foo fighters/Rosewell/1944-1947type



subtypetime_keyis Time_key_for_the_Earth_time_tunnel_changes_in_1942_to_1997
range 1942_43_45_47 .. 1992_93_95_97;