Association of Track and Field Statisticians

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The Association is a world-wide voluntary organisation of enthusiasts devoted to the collection and dissemination of statistics in Track & Field Athletics. Founded in August 1950, we have produced each year since 1951 the authoritative compilation of international athletics statistics, the International Athletics Annual, widely known as "The A.T.F.S. Annual". The Association is governed by its own Constitution under an Executive Committee comprising President, Treasurer, Secretary-General and a minimum of 8 other members. These officers, who are all voluntary, are elected every 4 years. For information about membership of the Association, please contact the Secretary, whose details are listed below.

Contact addresses
President    Paul Jenes                  Tel: (61) 39844 1644
             23-25 Grandview Road        Fax: (61) 39844 1863
             Warrandyte                  E-mail jenesp@ausport.gov.au
             Victoria  3113

Secretary    Scott Davis                 Tel:  (1) 562 924 6561
             4432 Snowbird Circle        Fax:  (1) 562 924 1231
             Cerritos   CA 90701         E-mail  ssd@aol.com
Treasurer    Rob Whittingham             Tel:  (44) 161 406 6320
             7 Birch Green               Fax:  (44) 161 406 6732
             Croft Manor                 E-mail  rob@umbra.co.uk                         
             Derbyshire   SK13 8PR
             United Kingdom

Founding members (26 Aug 1950)

President  Roberto Quercetani (Italy)
Secretary  Fulvio Regli (Switzerland)
Committee  Norris McWhirter (UK)
           Donald Potts (USA)

Members    Harold Abrahams (UK) - Hon. President
           Bruno Bonomelli (Italy)
           André Greuze (Belgium)
           Erich Kamper (Austria)
           Ekkehard zur Megede (Germany)
           André Senay (France)
           Björn-Johan Weckman (Finland)
           Wolfgang Wünsche (Germany)

A.T.F.S. OFFICERS (1950 to date)

Year   President             Secretary               Treasurer
1950   Roberto Quercetani    Fulvio Regli  (d.'97)   --
        (Italy)               (Switzerland)
1952   ditto                 ditto                   Helmer Broman (d.'54)
1954   ditto                 ditto                   Stig Lennart Nilsson
1956   ditto                 Norris McWhirter        ditto
1958   ditto                 ditto                   André Senay (d.'65)
1966   ditto                 ditto                   Alain Bouillé
1968   Rooney Magnusson      Bob Phillips            ditto
        (Sweden)              (U.K.)
1972   Donald Potts          Fritz Steinmetz         Palle Lassen
        (U.S.A.)              (Germany)               (Denmark)
1976   Bob Sparks            ditto                   ditto
1980   ditto                 Andrew Huxtable         ditto
1989   ditto                 David Martin            ditto
1994   ditto                 Scott Davis             ditto (d. Dec'99)
2000   ditto                 ditto                   Rob Whittingham
       Paul Jenes (from 1 Sep 00)

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