Frontiersman to Film-maker
The Biography of Film Pioneer
BIRT ACRES, FRPS, FRMetS 1854-1918

by Alan Birt Acres

In the 20th Century the name Birt Acres was not one that the public readily associated with the early cinema, and yet his contributions to that field were fundamental and groundbreaking.

The first person in the United Kingdom to take and project 35mm films successfully, he designed and launched the first home movie system, built Britain's first cinema stage, and was the country's first film director.

The highlight of his career was the first Royal Command film performance. Celebrated in the 1890s for his achievements, Birt Acres was practically forgotten for a century. How could this be ...?

Blending family stories, archive documents and original research, Acres' grandson Alan Birt Acres gives the family's version of the story of this pioneer of motion pictures.

Includes previously unpublished photographs and much new information.


With appendices:
Arthur Melbourne-Cooper
Edward Cash
Birt Acres' Patents
Talbot's Moving Pictures:
pages concerning Robert Paul, annotated by Acres.

all images copyright Alan Birt Acres

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