For Ladies Only?


FOR LADIES ONLY? Eve's Film Review
Pathe Cinemagazine 1921-33

by Jenny Hammerton

Celebrating glorious fashions, bizarre beauty regimes, quirky home crafts, and astounding cabaret acts: a weekly reflection of womanhood in all its complicated glory. The full story of this unique cinemagazine Eve's Film Revew is told for the first time in this book, an essential guide for archivists, film researchers, media students and everyone who loves silent movies.

Author Jenny Hammerton has been fascinated by the power of the moving image since being introduced to the wonders of black and white film as a child, watching Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers 'tripping the light fantastic' on television. Following a degree in Film Studies at the University of Kent, Jenny took an MA in Film Archiving at the University of East Anglia. She is currently Senior Cataloguer for British Pathe, and has catalogued Pathe's entire collection of silent cinemagazines and many other early documentary films.

Venues and events at which she has appeared - with talks such as 'How to Be a Flapper' and 'Girl Power in the 1920s' - include: the European Film College, Denmark; Moving Image Archivists conference, Miami; the New Zealand Film Archive; Museum of the Moving Image, London; British Silent Cinema Weekend, Nottingham; the Brighton Festival; and the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London.

Jenny enthuses, " I enjoy giving presentations of early film, accompanied by live piano. Providing background information brings the films to life, and modern cinema audiences love to see 1920s material on the big screen. The vaults of British Pathe hold many treasures, and I believe in sharing them."

142pp, 104 illustrations, 14.95

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