When the Movies Began...
A chronology of the world's film productions and film shows before May, 1896

Compiled by Stephen Herbert

The world's first film productions, and first film shows, are the subjects of this chronology. Establishing exactly who did what, and when, has always been a contentious area in the field of motion pictures. The facts listed here include some of the latest findings by researchers in Europe and America. Today, one hundred years after the introduction of the Kinetoscope and Cinematographe, new information is still being discovered.

Our chronology begins with the production of the first films for Edison's peepshow Kinetoscope, early in 1893, and follows film production and presentation until the end of April 1896, after which film production and presentation spread quickly throughout much of the world. An attempt has been made to include every projected film presentation to an invited or public audience.

Stephen Herbert is a Visual Technology consultant, and researcher in pre-cinema and early film. He is co-editor (with Luke McKernan) of Who's Who of Victorian Cinema (BFI, 1996.)

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A5, 24pp, includes 70 bibliographic references. ISBN 0 9523941 0 3,


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