From revolution
to counter-revolution

By Ted Grant

(Warning: the chapters are quite long and will take some time to download. This site is still under construction, the chapters missing will be added gradually)


by Vsievolod Volkov


by Alan Woods

Part One

The Balance Sheet of October

Part Two

The Rise of Stalinism

Part Three

From the Five Year Plan to the Purges

Part Four

The Nature of Stalinism

Part Five

From War to 'de-Stalinisation'

Part Six

The period of stagnation

Part Seven

The meaning of perestroika

Part Eight

From Foreing Policy to the national question

Part Nine

The collapse of Stalinism

Part Ten

A new turning point

Part Eleven

Once again: the class nature of the Russian State

Part Twelve

Where is Russia going?

Appendix One

Capitalist restoration in Eastern Europe?

Appendix two

The Marxist Theory of the state (Once more on the theory of 'state capitalism')


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