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Aijazz Aslam
"I started this business with one sewing machine. As many as 30 people are now working in our two stitching units. All the designing is done by me."

  Sabeen Aijaz
  Sabeen Aijaz
  Sabeen Aijaz

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Photographs: Sabeen Aijaz
Models: Aijazz Aslam

Aijazz a snazzy boutique. The swanky well furnished outlet, with it's tinted glass windows, dealing in men's wear around Zamzama Boulevard. Aijazz is the lucky one to have started his business early enough, and nowadays he is the best in menswear.

Aijazz started designing about five years back, since he was into modelling. His interest developed after haveing modelled for every designer in Pakistan, from which he started experimenting on a very small scale with just two machines in one room.

At the moment he has two manufacturing units as and are making everything in menswear from Boxer shorts to suits and sherwanis. He has also introduced a range of Formal Footwear lately and these shoes are made in Italy and are imported, in future he has plans of manufacturing his line of footwear in Pakistan .

Aijazz hope's to keep on introducing new ideas in Pakistan and to always remain a step ahead of others. He is also the first designer in Pakistan to launch shoes with my own Brand name which you can see on his website soon.

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