The River Medway
3rd July 1997

Ever since I first swam in it, about 30 years ago, the River Medway has been my favourite piece of fresh water and these pages are my attempt to document as much of it as possible, they are also being used as a test area for my HTML experiments, so 'expect the unexpected'..
Steve Rodgers, 3rd July 1997

Rising from its source near Turners Hill, in West Sussex, the River Medway flows through some of the most beautiful countryside in the U.K, and therefore the world (thus speaks a chauvinist!).

It is navigable up to Tonbridge, in Kent and at 19 miles and 10 locks represents a very leisurely weeks' cruise or a fairly intense weekend trip - I guess you'd really need about 3/4 days to enjoy it most.

Entry is from the Medway estuary, which is very close to the Thames estuary and therefore not too arduous a journey from the main inland system (if you know what you're doing!). The river is (obviously) tidal until the first lock and sluice at Allington, and these pages don't, at the moment, cover the tidal section in any detail. I will say that the Medway estuary is a very easy place to go aground if you're using a sailing boat - stick to the channel and get good charts!

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